There is much we can learn from relationships. All relationships are experiences, and these experiences are our teachers. How we navigate through these experiences and what we choose to see with our internal lens that can only be described as pure consciousness can determine your readiness and openness for positive transformation in your life.

Three Key Things to Know

All relationships are Teachers. Relationships with your spouse or partner, with your child, with your parent, with co-workers or friends, and even your human companionship with your pet all have the potential to show us who we really are.

Relationships are Experiences. Relationships are all experiences that are transient. How we deal with the journey in relationships can provide powerful opportunities for learning and self-growth

Relationships are Portals. Relationships are portals that bring opportunity to express your Divine given gift of love for oneself. You must first love yourself, with sincere enthusiasm in order to stand on your own and express true love to another.

Statistics show us that eighty-five percent of relationships end in break-ups. That said, eighty-five percent have also been given the opportunity for growth. It’s OKAY to have failed relationships. See them as powerful invitations to positive transformation in your life.

Three Fundamental Things to Do:

Be Fully Conscious

A relationship can beautifully blossom quickly or can grow slowly at its own unique pace. It is not the amount of time that you give a relationship that is needed to know if it’s real or not. Remember, reality is in the now. We can all find love in a moment. It is the qualia of each moment, in each experience together that can be natural and alert in expression.

When you can be fully conscious of an experience with another beyond the surface of the mind, the potential is there to grow it into a deeper or heightened relationship together. When you are very conscious, where you are no longer subject to a mental picture or representation of another, there can be qualia. You can experience the intrinsic features in another and find beauty in everything, regardless of how much or little time you spend together.

Stop Looking at the World

If you feel the need to stop being true to yourself in order to get love from another, then you have not learned love. Stop looking to the world for love. Anything and anyone the world can give you is short lived. You were given the Divine gift of love within, which far exceeds any temporary pleasures that the external world can bring. This Divine love is eternal.

No one and no experience has the power to take it away. It is your free gift. Love is in a safe within your heart and you have the key. No one else holds the key to your heart but you. As you open it, you will dwell in the realm of where true joy resides.

This joy is your triumph. To find your triumph is to have found success. It is to have found the one thing that truly matters. Because the truth is, success is not a destination you arrive at or a title that you achieve. You don’t arrive at it because you already have it. Success is inherent. It is an immanent attribute that dwells deep within. It’s there. You just need to find it. And to find it is to have found the secret to success.

The secret to success is discovering love, not from another person or thing, rather within one’s self. This knowing is the bridge that takes you out of searching and into experiencing.


Contribute your love by serving others. To contribute is one of the gateways to triumph in life. Subtle acts of love and kindness can change the vibrational energy of love on this planet.

Your love is your light. It is for you to glow, and to shine onto others. Don’t seek it in others. Instead, share it with others. Your soul is nourished by what you share, not by what you receive. So be the living expression of your higher-self, and this love and light. Honor this living expression of love, by disallowing experience and people to put your light under a rock. Your light is your gift and is purposed to ignite others so that those who are smoldering can be lit again.

No matter what, love yourself and shine it on others. Its why we are here.