The human mind is incredible. So incredible that it can bend reality. I know it sounds mystical and there’s probably some quantum mechanics involved in there somewhere but it’s actually really simple if you think about it. What are the things you think about on a day-to-day basis? What topic is your default thinking mode? What do you think about when you’re getting ready for work? When your leaving work? What do you think about on auto-pilot mode? Is it that movie you really want to watch? Is it that Instagram post that dazzled you or caused you envy? Is it your infinite shopping list? Is it that party you’re excited for? Is it the weekend so you can binge on Netflix? All these little thoughts placed neatly in gaps throughout your entire day add up in the long run. And they determine your future. Crazy, right? Well it’s true. All these thoughts are your background thinking. Anything in your background thinking is related to your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind shapes our lives. I personally think this is mind-blowing. The thing that you need to create the life you wanna live is inside your own head. It’s inside of you and you can control it.

So what if we controlled it to our advantage? What happens? This is when magic happens. Shit gets real. When you have goals, plans, a vision, a calling, a passion, a dream….every move you make will be centred by those. So what you naturally think about in the background is those goals. You visualise yourself achieving those goals. You affirm in your head that you will achieve those goals. It really depends on how you think about your goals. What filter have you applied in those thoughts? Are they positive or are they negative? If you can hear your inner critic whispering that you’re gonna fail, that you’re not good enough, that you’re not smart enough…. then it’s not gonna work bro. These thoughts about your goals and vision have to be positive. You have to believe that you can do it. Tell yourself you can do it (affirm). See yourself doing it (visualise). Do this in the gaps and soon you naturally will do it anyway. Once it comes naturally, that is a sign telling you that you have successfully planted the seed in your subconscious. Which is basically the first step in your journey. When it’s ingrained in your head, it is a part of you and every action you take will be drawn to that dream your brain is trying to make real. That seed will blossom and flower into something beautiful. Your dream into reality.

There is a quote I really like by Barbara Corcoran: “The real challenge in business is never the competition. It’s what goes on inside your head that always defeats you.” It’s your head!!! Everyone you meet in your life are living the results of what they were thinking about in the past. It’s the same with yourself. Where you are today, now, is the result of what you were thinking about which led to every decision you made to get here.

So you have the power right there. Once you’ve planted the right seed, everything falls into place. The actions you take everyday, the people you talk to, what you talk about, maybe even the food you eat.. all of these decisions become align to your dream. All of these thoughts and actions bring results. All these results make up the frames for the movie of your life. Let that movie win an Oscar. And go!