What you believe in and give your attention and energy to will indeed flourish. You are a reflection of the energy, relationships, and opportunities that come your way. You are the co-creator of your reality. I say co-creator with the belief that you are aligned with a higher power.

It’s crucial to watch your thoughts. As wonderful as manifestation can work to turn a dream into your reality, it can also work in turning a worry into a mental catastrophe. A lot of people give their attention to the wrong things. Some may even focus on things that do not even exist, just things that the mind has led you to believe. ( I’ll admit- I’m guilty of having done this! ) People can feel all sorts of negative emotions when the power of manifestation is used incorrectly.

Now, when it comes to manifesting the good in your life, I do believe there are a few things that come into play.

1st I believe that your intentions for whatever you desire must be genuine.

2nd I believe that being a decent human being also has an affect on this.

3rd I believe that as you are taking the steps to manifest your big dreams, you will be given signs that you are on the right path.

4th God always aligns what is meant for you to cross your path.

I heard about the law of attraction for the first time in my college psychology class. My professor was honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever had, and she had us watch The Secret. I can remember being in awe hearing Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, and several others share their stories. The Secret opened up my perspective to living and to the endless opportunities and abundance the world has to offer. However, at that time I think I only surface level understood the power of the law of attraction.

Today I see God working manifestation in my life more than ever. I believe for me it’s because I have gone through a big period of growth- growth in faith, overcoming trials, and growth within myself. I am continuously trying to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally. I pray and work on aligning with my purpose and gifts in order to be able to better serve. Right now, I am really at a state of gratefulness.

Each day is really something special filled with numerous miracles- waking up being one of them. I am beginning to see the bigger picture in life and not just focusing on what I see with my two eyes. I live with a tremendous amount of love within, and I can always feel it reflected back. I’m working on a few projects that are quite new zones for me to be in. However, I know they align with what I am meant to be doing. I’ve had to set goals, take risks, and figure out a lot of new things. Because I believe in my heart that what I am manifesting is meant for me, it has come. However, I don’t give myself the full credit for where I am at today. I am only a co-creator of the life I live.

I encourage you to manifest your dreams and what aligns with your heart’s desires. Each day holds endless possibility and potential.


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  • Marlene Jennings

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