what you need to know about Dog Bite

There are no creatures that will never be aggressive, including human beings. If you feel danger of yourself, if you feel that your important things are in danger, you will choose to attack. The important thing is not to make a situation where dogs must be aggressive. Understand when dogs feel uneasy and nervous, know the word of the dog (body language), do not ignore the feelings of dogs’ anxiety or dislike! Do not keep dogs in a situation that must choose aggressive behavior!

Dogs and children

Dogs and children need education to live safely. Also, even if we provide appropriate education, they cannot completely judge the safety of ourselves, so please do not forget to admit that everything first checks whether adults are safe. The responsibility for safety is “parents (owner)”. Let me learn first what something is good management, how to tell what and how!

Family Paws Parent Education provides useful information in various forms such as blogs, online seminars, etc. on how to tell a child what to teach and how to injure a dog to a child We are offering. Also, an organization that supports the prevention of bite accidents, also contributes and provides useful information, as Joan Orr, the author of the article introduced this time, as the establishment and representative.

Of course, consulting fee-based trainers and instructors, receiving lessons and guidance will be a good choice for your dog, love, love daughter!

America, 4.7 million people are injured each year more than a dog bite accident. Of these 800 thousand people received treatment, and overwhelmingly small children are badly injured, with roughly 400,000 people. Most of the accidents of children and dogs are occurring with their close dogs in their daily activities. Many bite accidents can be prevented beforehand by doing appropriate training and socialization for the dog and teaching how to approach the correct dog and approaching to the children. (From the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) campaign site)

National Dog Bite Prevention Week (US)

Campaign entitled National Dog Bite Prevention Week (dog bite accident prevention week) was done in the United States from 20th to 26th May 2012.

During the period of the National Dog Bite Prevention Week, not only from the American Veterinary Association (AVMA), organizer, but also various trainers based on remuneration, information dissemination and events were provided to prevent negotiation accidents It was.