Then you have already taken the most important first step to better health and well-being. But before you go to your first class you want to make sure you have the necessary equipment for your yoga class. Even though each class and teacher is different, there are some things you will need no matter what type of class you attend. Look for a backpack to bring everything you need to your yoga class and have a good first experience.

Yoga Mat

Yoga is a form of effective, popular and easy to learn exercise. People love yoga for many reasons, not least of which is that yoga requires very little equipment to be practiced. You can take a yoga class or use a DVD in the privacy of your own home. As soon as you learn the basic positions of yoga, all you need is your body. However, some people find it very useful to have a mat for yoga.

It is assumed that yoga should be relaxing. If you are working on aspects such as breathing and flexibility, your body needs to be comfortable. You want to be able to concentrate on the movement. However, if the enclosure where yoga is practiced has hard and slippery floors, it may be difficult to concentrate. You could even injure yourself. Yoga mats will give you a stable and softer surface on which you can do your exercises.

Yoga mats are available in various designs, colors and price range. You do not have to spend a large sum of money to get a mattress in good condition and you can find one that is fun and reflects your personality. They can be found anywhere where exercise videos and other equipment are sold. It is also possible to order yoga mats online.

Thus, since yoga mats are so easy to get and inexpensive, buying one would be a wise investment. Your practice of yoga exercises will be more effective. Yoga mats can also be used in other kinds of physical exercises. At any time you perform exercises on the floor, the use of your mat will give you unbeatable benefits.

Yoga mats will also prevent you from slipping on hardwood or laminate floors. The mat may even prevent you from suffering a possible injury to the ankles or the pull of a muscle. When practicing exercises on a mat you will have the freedom to concentrate on deepening your physical fitness level.

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise. It is proven to reduce stress, improve flexibility and balance, and burn heaps of calories. Yoga will also help you lose weight if you combine it with a healthy diet, cardiovascular exercises and strength training. Yoga is a great way to get healthy; and a yoga mat will greatly improve your experience in this practice, while keeping you safe from injury.

Yoga clothing

Dressing appropriately for yoga class can make the difference between a positive and a frustrating experience. Although you must attend the class dressed comfortably, your big shirts and pants will not be the best option for the class. Your instructor will need to see your body clearly in order to correct your postures and form. Therefore, tight clothing or those that are not tight but thin with the best. Get shirts without sleeves and leggings, and since yoga is practiced barefoot, you do not need to wear your sports shoes.


You will need a large beach towel to do several things in the class. First, to cover your yoga mat; If you sweat during class, the surface of your mat can get slippery and sticky. Keep your mat clean by covering it with the towel. You will also need the towel to wipe the sweat from your body, especially if doing Bikram or hot yoga. The Bikram, which is practiced in a room with a temperature higher than 105 ° F, makes you sweat and you have to dry periodically.


Even though yoga seems like a slow and simple exercise, you need to keep your body hydrated. Some types of power yoga can make you sweat and your body lose water. Use an aluminum bottle that you can fill and place it next to the edge of the mat before class so you can easily hydrate.