It raises consciousness, I discovered my inner past and got strong to against every rule to practice my own healing, methodology ‘The Gratitude=Increase’ from the beginning of the eighties. 

Thank you for giving me the oppotunity to talk about that. 

The other books that changed my life are:
1. “How to heal your life” by Louise Hay

2. “Physics after Metaphysics” by Aristotelis, Greek Philosopher

Thank you

Thalia Alexiou

Author of “Gratitude=Increase” workbook

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  • Thalia Alexiou

    "49 Years After" A psychic mystical drama about a NY Holistic Therapist, and her clairvoyant childhood in Greece.

    Thalia Alexiou is a US citizen born in Greece. She lives and works as an alternative medicine therapist and a spiritual coach in New Jersey. She is a self-improvement and life coaching seminar instructor in the US and Europe. She is the author of three books Gratitude=Increase, a self improvement workbook, The Three Dreams, a children's book and 49 Years After, a novel and script in pre-production as a feature film.  Her personalized, handmade Mala energy bead necklaces can be found on Amazon.