As a digital nomad I have a lot of time on my hands. Or let me rephrase that; as a part-time freelancer who happens to travel a lot I tend to have a lot of hours available to me. The way I ‘kill time’ (actually, that’s the worst phrase ever invented, I mean, who would want to really kill time), is by listening to audio books and podcasts. And actually listening offers the ability to combine this with other activities. So there goes the ‘I don’t have time to read’ argument. 

If you don’t have time to read, you have time to listen, right?

In my case of not being able to sit still and too often nodding off whilst holding a book in my hands, I love to listen to books while I move. Ever since discovering audiobooks, I have spent tons of time hiking, running, lifting weights, riding bikes and sitting on airplanes whilst listening to books. One question Tim Ferris always asks in his podcast ‘what book have you gifted the most’ is currently also’s trending topic. Which got me thinking… It is very hard to choose one, since my Audible list is full of great reads. But if I am forced to choose one, I’d recommend everyone to read Joe Dispenza’s ‘breaking the habit of being yourself, how to lose your mind and create a new one’, with ‘Sapiens’ as a close second. Though now I am cheating by mentioning two titles.

‘Changing the habit of being yourself’ explains in simple terms the mind-blowing science behind the brain’s capabilities to rewire its neural networks, therefore resetting itself and enabling you to change any aspect of yourself. 

Whilst such topics of self-improvement and ‘law of attraction’ category books always seemed a bit ‘airy-fairy’ to me, this one stood out. Where books such as the ‘The Secret’ failed to impress, Joe Dispenza, with his scientific approach relating to the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics, struck a chord. His clear, practical and easy-to-understand approach shows you what is truly possible. This really resonated with me, as I like hearing facts and figures backed by scientific evidence.
Perhaps I loved it because when I read it, I was going through a ‘phase of self-discovery’, or perhaps it was reinforcing something I already knew. Whatever the reason, after reading this book I felt there is no way around it, really. You CAN actually be anything or anyone you want to be. The books also offers practical (meditation) guidance to get into a state of flow where you start manifesting what it is you want. This helped me create a morning routine that works and that sets me up for the day to come.

And actually think about it for a minute, really. If you think happy thoughts, don’t you generally feel happier as a result? What stood out for me is the moments of clarity certain passages in the book gave me. It was almost as if the book was confirming some thoughts and helped resurface some deeper knowledge already inside me. It’s hard to explain.
Whether or not you believe in this, I think it’s a good thing to open your mind to such topics anyway. With this book, I’ve been given a great understanding of the connection between spirituality and science. 

The message is powerful and makes sense; what you think today determines what your life looks like tomorrow.  


  • Jenny is a Dutch world traveler and passionate about creating meaningful connections. She’s traveled to over 70 countries, and lived in ten of those. Holding jobs from scrubbing hotel resort floors to scuba dive instructor to head of marketing at various corporations. She’s been working as freelance marketing consultant and graphic designer for the tech industry, involved in her own 'digital nomad company exchange' startup, and currently running Samay Glamping ( in Ecuador with her partner.