Color theory

Be it from describing the sky to coordinating an outfit, color is an everyday phenomenon. Similar to most everyday occurrences, people tend to take the importance of color for granted. However, any design student will tell you the importance of color – from both a marketing and a mood perspective. Yet, color also has another big role to play, with many believing that a person’s favorite color can say a lot about their personality.

Why understanding colors matter

Understanding the colors and the effects they have on people is so important that it has its own color theory. The color theory uses the color wheel and gives practical guidance in terms of managing color mixing and the visual effects that some color combinations evoke.

While you may be thinking that color theory and color wheels are a bit too technical, their importance is such that most people use it in everyday life without knowing it. Trying to decide which color scheme to go with on a powerpoint presentation? Subconsciously you will use what the color theory calls one of four harmonious color combination theories in order to find the best theme.

Situations that benefit from using the right color

Understanding when to use certain colors in certain situations is a huge benefit. For example, a business looking to promote their matchmaking skills creates a series of pamphlets and business cards that feature no other color except for black writing and headings.

Instantly, there is no warmth and subsequently, why would anyone looking for love be endeared to this business? Colors like red exude notions of love, energy, and intensity and as a warm color, it represents passion and enthusiasm. Without reading the information, individuals are already drawn to the warmth and ready to give their attention.

What each color says about personality

Many believe that an individual’s favorite colors offer an insight into personality. All you have to do is ask yourself what your favorite color is, don’t overthink it and go from there.

Your favorite color offers a means by which to understand behavior and character, as well as physical, emotional and mental states. The color you choose also reflects how you operate in the world in terms of strengths and weaknesses, your vulnerabilities and deepest needs.


Choosing the color red shows that you are action oriented with a deep need for physical fulfillment. You have a drive and determination like no other. You are outgoing and assertive and prone to risk-taking behavior and impulsive actions. You’re also an optimist with strong opinions who is quick to judge.


A bold color for a person who is friendly and energetic. Lovers of orange seek the attention of others and are able to manage social situations because you love to be with people. While good-natured, you are often swayed by outside opinions, however, you have strong loyalties and feel good will towards most others.


Lovers of green are loyal and frank with others. Your reputation is very important and with this, in mind, you strive to be a good citizen who is reputable, moral and sensitive. You also feel deep affection for your family which fits into your need to love and be loved and feel safe and secure.


Yellow, the color of optimism and happiness. Sometimes you can be perceived as wacky, when in fact, you’re just finding ways to bring in the sunshine and are probably more intelligent the average person. With a vivid imagination, you have a keen sense to help the world.


Lovers of blue, much like the color, convey a sense of calm, stillness and peace. Everyone trusts you as you are prone to listen to others and make the effort to try and help them in their lives. Deliberate and introspective, in times of stress you look for gentler surroundings because you are sensitive to feelings. You’re a loyal friend who people remember for being warm and friendly.


A naive personality with a tendency to escape reality. Lovers of pink have a need for unconditional love and to be accepted for who you are by peers. With easygoing and approachable energy, along with being witty and smart, you are able to nurture longtime friendships. However, you are compassionate, but maybe to a fault.


The color of luxury. Chances are that lovers of black have an artistic and sensitive personality and can be moody and sophisticated at the same time. You take privacy around the details of your life very seriously which feeds into your need to be in control. This need for power and control stems from a need to protect emotional insecurities.


If your favorite color is white, your deepest need is for simplicity. So as not to depend on anyone else, your independent and self-reliant, relying on logic to solve every problem. You appreciate order and simple elegance and are often described as an old soul.