flowers, sea, and hills - nature

I love nature, no matter if it’s the peak of Mount Everest or the depth of Mariana Trench. Everything that is made by God attracts us naturally, but unfortunately, we have been trapped in the manmade world so badly that the true colour of nature is nowhere to be seen.

I want to tell you that if you want to find peace in yourself, just look at the nature around you. Your spiritual health depends on how you perceive things in your surroundings, whether living or lifeless. Once you attain the sight to observe the true wisdom, that’s when happiness and peace will embrace you. To do so, you must accept the fact that such beautiful creations are for us. We have each day to praise the might of God, but we are too blind to see what’s hidden in nature.

In the initial part of my life, as far as I remember, I never appraised the miraculous nature. Worst, I was surrounded by electrical appliances more than natural creations. That part of my life took me away from the farsightedness that is required to comprehend the answers hidden in nature.

As time passed, I totally lost the consciousness of asking questions that are legit at some moments, and I never felt the need to ask questions like

  • Why do some trees give fruits while others don’t?
  • Who created those gigantic mountains?
  • Why is the sea always in motion?

You know, questions like these seldom pop up in mind. But believe me, one who is brought up in the surrounding covered by nature realises such wisdom way earlier than people like me. From the bouquet of fresh flowers to the tasty food on the dinner table, we enjoy every bit of nature but never surrender to and thank the One who created it.

With time, I realised that there is so much more behind the cemented walls. There is a reason why the sky is open, and oceans look endless. The world is there to explore more each day. With such diversification in culture and different time zones, I then started to believe that we have been blessed with nothing less. Everything we see, feel, and smell is praiseworthy.

I know that science has advanced so much, and the world has more knowledge than ever before, but what good is that knowledge that doesn’t bring you closer to your God? Scientists put natural stuff like stones and plants under experiment, but the majority of them never observe the truth.

While every result shows that this nature has been created by the Divine, we lost focus and keep working in the negative direction. The research work is futile if it doesn’t make you believe that there is only one Creator behind the creation of this universe, let alone our planet earth.

To be honest, I find peace whenever I look at the beauty of nature. Once I went on a 2-day tour, and it was my best experience so far. I had made my mind before reaching there that at any cost, I have to see the hidden wisdom in nature.

The mountain covered in snow, the unstoppable sound of the river, the symmetry in the date farms, and the shadowy apple orchards, everything caught by my eyes, brought me peace because you know why? I learned that this world is a blessing for us, we can’t count these blessings, and we also can’t thank the Creator enough. The only thing we can do is enjoy nature and keep reminding ourselves that there is One God who bestowed upon us all these favors.

That’s the one and the best wisdom I observed in nature. I know from the mundane perspective, there is a never-ending list that addresses the benefits of nature. For example, there is so much treasure, salt, oil, and gas hidden in the mountains. The fresh water in the streams comes when the glacier melts. The fruits and vegetables of numerous types are available and made edible for us. The forests help us to keep the temperature balanced. Etc.

But I believe, before anything, one must consider finding the wisdom that heals the spiritual connection with God. It’s in front of us, but we ignore it. Once we find the answer hidden in nature, every other duty will be assembled automatically.