The contents of your cupboards reveal the state of your health.

Agree? Disagree?

The food we put into our bodies can be a fundamental source of health, energy, and wellbeing.

Clearing Your Pantry

Dr. A (the creator of the Habits of Health® Transformational System) suggests that clearing your pantry is a great way to start making healthy changes. It is so much easier to cook healthy meals and eat foods that make you feel good when you make sure your kitchen is full of feel good items (long term feel good, not “in the moment” feel good)!

I know that reaching your health goals starts with making smart choices at the grocery store so I wanted to share tips for optimizing your surroundings and making healthy decisions at the market and at home:

  • Start fresh. To eliminate unhealthy options and make room for all your healthy foods, begin by clearing your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. Get rid of white bread, refined cereals, processed foods, and junk food.
  • Plan ahead. Think about all of the meals you need to prepare during the next week and the ingredients you’ll need to purchase prior to going to the store. You can even save time while you’re in the store by grouping your ingredients that are in the same aisle or department. Preparing in advance will keep you on track and will prevent you from buying items that are unhealthy or unnecessary.
  • Fuel first. It’s important to avoid going to the grocery store while hungry. Eat a Fueling to avoid making unhealthy decisions and keep a bottle of water nearby in case you have a craving.
  • Shop the perimeter. The outer aisles of the grocery store are where you’ll find the freshest and least processed foods, like leafy green vegetables and lean proteins. Avoid the center aisles which contain processed and high-calorie items.
  • Shop seasonal. When vegetables are in season, they are often more abundant and budget friendly. Broccoli, kale, and cucumbers are a few options that are especially in season during the fall.

Stop. Challenge. Choose.

Remember, when in doubt, use Stop. Challenge. Choose. (I share more about decision making here!) If we take a step back and become more mindful of the situation, we are more likely to make decisions that align with our health goals.

The Habits of Health® Transformational System is an AMAZING way to get healthy and finally change your life. I love it because it’s not a “diet”, and it’s not a list of “rules”. Instead, it’s a way of living that helps you understand how to create health in your life.