It’s not “Impossible”

It was only three weeks ago when Platinum Recording Artist and Grammy Nominated songwriter, Shontelle and her “Vibe Architect,” Dae, of House of Dae decided that they wanted to create an NFT (non-fungible token or a digital collectible) for Shontelle’s fans and followers. This opportunity “divinely landed in my lap” said Shontelle through a smile.

It has been eleven years since Shontelle’s platinum song “Impossible” catapulted her into the music world spotlight. She’s making her return to the center stage with the release of a new song, “House Party,” but that’s not all.  When presented with this opportunity, these two trailblazing Black women sought out to create an NFT that matters and embodies their values of freedom and love: Freedom for artists to take their creative and financial power back, freedom of expression, freedom to reclaim ownership of their material and freedom to have direct, authentic contact with their fans. This NFT emerged out of their love for Shontelle’s fans, love for music, love for artistic expression and love for people.  Shontelle said it clearly – “If it’s not coming from a place of love, we’re not gonna do it.”  It was out of this ethos that the “Exclusive 11” NFT auction was born.

These two vivacious and powerful women, born and raised in Barbados, partnered with female Nigerian music producer Dunne to produce Shontelle’s new song, “’House Party,’ a mix of AfroBeats and Carribean music, with the energy of happiness, peace and enjoying life,” says Dae. 

The song will be heard for the first time at the end of the “Exclusive 11” auction, when bidding is complete on Sunday, April 11. The NFT includes a personalized version of the song which will include the name of the winning bidder, along with other amazing items, detailed below.

This all female team found a home for their auction on the artist friendly platform, Owens.Market. Dae is friends with Niko Michael, founder and legal counsel of Blockstart Technology that owns Owens.Market. “We find out what the artist wants to do and bring all the technology to support that vision.” says Niko enthusiastically about Owens.Market’s commitment to protect artistic freedom.  He describes the process of working with Shontelle and Dae as “tremendous” and “history in the making.” It’s been a synchronistic partnership to be sure.

The auction went live on April 8 and will end this Sunday April 11th, 2021 at 5pm EST with the announcement of the winning bid. They are making history as the first Black women, and first West African – Carribean team to offer this avant-garde technology to fans. Both Shontelle and Dae will be popping in throughout the weekend to say hello and talk about NFTs in the chat.

Shontelle admits that a lot of people don’t understand what an NFT is and that it’s become a personal campaign for her to educate people about them. She believes (as do many others) that it’s a game changing technology that levels the playing field to empower people in a way like never before.

“NFTS are like collecting Pokémon cards, or NBA cards. It’s a unique item that’s attached to a person or thing that you are passionate about or a fan of. You then get the chance to be the one and only owner of this rare item with a proof of ownership,” explain Shontelle.

Merch, memorabilia and collectors items all make great NFTs. Some NFTs are digital and some are actual objects in real life. In the case of Shontelle’s “Exclusive 11”, the NFTs are all tangible objects, something the winner can hang in their house or listen to in their living room. The value is then determined by the buyer through bidding at the auction.

For Shontelle and Dae, NFTs allow them to connect with Shontelle’s fans in a meaningful, heartfelt way and offer them one of a kind pieces and experiences. Dae explains that their whole visionary process of developing the NFTs for the winner of the Exclusive 11 auction evolved from imagining what would be thrilling for a superfan: “What would a fan love from Shontelle?”

The answer: The number one auction winner will receive the NFT of the exclusive song, “House Party” sung to them by Shontelle and have their name embedded in the music – called a Dubplate. They will receive a cameo in the music video, custom cover art with their likeness drawn into the art and a signed limited edition eco-mix vinyl. The winner also gets a preview of Shontelle’s unreleased music. The winning fan becomes a part of the art – the song, the video, the artwork, and even future releases. It’s an intimate and unique experience for the top bidder and Shontelle too. There are a total of 11 winners, but only 1 superfan gets the full package NFT.

Shontelle and Dae are change makers, using their voices to carve a path for artists, entertainers, and creatives. At a time when artists have been hurting due to the pandemic, Dae wants to spread the word about how this unique technology helps discover new financial opportunities. Along these same lines, 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of “Exclusive 11” NFT goes to Daedream, House of Dae’s foundation that provides education and tools for Black artists. For Shontelle, as the doors of controlling record label contracts closed behind her, another exciting door has swung wide open.

NTFs give these women the full flexibility and power to control their own offer without giving away the benefits. They inspire others to use this technology too and do it their own way.

When you bid on an auction item at “Exclusive 11,” you are not only buying into the amazing NFT and experience itself, but you are buying into history. You are buying into these Black female musicians who have the courage to use technology to do something different in the name of freedom and love.

Shontelle is a true Divaprenuer, now claiming her space in the world by using her gorgeous talents and stepping into the role of entrepreneur and leader. Shontelle’s song “Impossible” may have been what launched her career, but today, she takes that success and has transformed it into a grand new beginning, full and open to possibilities.

“Exclusive 11” can be found on from April 8 – April 11th 5pm EST.