The picture speaks for itself! Those words are so true! Whether you believe you create your own reality or you believe someone or something else creates it for you, be careful what you are asking for, because to get what you want, there is always a cause and an effect. 

Try using these words instead…

When asking for Patience, ask for Peace instead, because isn’t that what you really want anyway?

Instead of Strength, ask for Vision, so that you may see what you are working toward. When you can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or you know where you are going, then there is always that extra boost of resilience that bubbles up inside you to get you there. 

Understanding! Wow! Don’t ask for understanding, you must learn lessons, and my goodness, learning lessons is usually done through struggle and pain, at least that is my experience. Don’t ask for understanding, ask for Wisdom. With Wisdom you will have all that you need. 

It’s all about the wording. Choose the words that make you feel empowered. Pay attention to how your gut and body feel when you say certain words. That feeling is your internal compass telling you whether you are going the wrong way or the right way. A heavy feeling is always the wrong way. You should feel no resistance at all. You shouldn’t have any trepidation about the decision. When it all just flows and doors suddenly begin to open, then you are on the right path. Trust yourself. You aren’t aimlessly wondering this earth. You are here to learn and God (or whoever) wouldn’t have sent you here without some sort of road map. It’s just inside of you. You have to tap into it, but it’s there. 

Peace be with you!

Written by: Dayna Mohan