entrepreneurs nighttime routine

Many entrepreneurs consider their morning routines vital to their productivity and success. Starting our days right can make all the difference, but so does enjoying our evenings and getting some rest and recreation.

Why don’t people talk about bed time rituals as much as they do about how they start the day? So often, what we do at night sets in motion a productive, better tomorrow.

I invited five CEOs to tell us how they end their day and what are the things that help them get ready to go to sleep. Here’s what they told me.

Sarah Noel Block: “That combination turns my mind off.”

bed time routine

“I grab my weighted blanket and turn on a sleep story on the Calm app. Owning a business is stressful and the non-stop to-do list runs on repeat in my head, but that combination magically turns my mind off.”

–Sarah Noel Block, founder and CEO of Tiny Marketing

Rajeeb Dey: “I do both a morning and evening prayer.”

bed time habits

“The absolute last thing I do is probably check my phone and ensure my alarm is set properly so that I wake up on time the next day! I’m slightly paranoid that it may not be set and I won’t wake up – although fortunately, I think that has only ever happened once.

The penultimate thing, however – which is probably less mundane – is my evening prayer and meditation. As a practicing Hindu, I do both a morning and evening prayer. This helps me get ready for the day ahead and also helps decompress after what is often a very hectic day. It’s a good way to steady the mind and it’s a part of my daily routine.

I find that spirituality isn’t discussed much in business but is a huge enabler for me, especially as an entrepreneur where life is full of ups and downs and where resilience is essential.”

–Rajeeb Dey, founder and CEO of Learnerbly

Mary Ellen Slayter: “It’s my favorite part of the day.”

“I end my day listening to a podcast with my five-year-old daughter. Our two favorites are Circle Round, from WBUR, and Myths and Legends, by Jason and Carissa Weiser. 

Both podcasts do an amazing job of updating old tales in fresh new ways, and I find myself drawing inspiration from them for my own work. More importantly, no matter how hectic the day was, this is the moment where I know my daughter and I will have a chance to connect and enjoy each other’s company. It’s my favorite part of the day.”

–Mary Ellen Slayter, founder and CEO of Rep Cap and publisher of Managing Editor magazine

CEO night routine

“I count my blessings by reciting Modeh Ani. 

Modeh Ani is the 3,000-year-old tradition of daily Jewish prayer that expresses gratitude for life. There’s a lot of wisdom behind it — it’s something my mom always recommended to us and something I now do with my own children before going to sleep.

As a problem solver by nature, I mentally list issues that need to be addressed by priority and go into solution mode. While it’s advantageous during the day, my mindset has to change when preparing for the evening.

Being intentional about gratitude for the people and the goodness in my life positively impacts my beliefs, thoughts, and feelings — which brings a better night’s sleep and better actions the next day.”

–Ronen Hamatian, CEO of Madrivo

Liviu Tanase: “I’m always more relaxed after a good movie.”

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“My wife and I love watching movies. We used to go to the movie theater every week, and now, we watch a movie almost every night. No matter how packed my day was, I’m always more relaxed after a good movie. It’s a great way to decompress. Then, we fall asleep cuddling with our dog, Murphy.  

Sometimes my mind won’t stop processing thoughts and ideas until I get really tired. What helps is to focus on one positive thought right before I fall asleep. It can be something good that happened that day or something I look forward to. These are great anchors to help your mind slow down and allow you to get good rest.”

–Liviu Tanase, founder & CEO of ZeroBounce