It’s straightforward.

We all run into disappointments, last minute changes, circumstances out of our control sometimes at a domino effect type speed.

We’ve planned, aligned the stars and it’s backfired.

What the heck right?

We fall. We cry.

Maybe you don’t cry. But I cry. That’s my fallback it seems. Even those gosh darn happy tears! (which I so appreciate)

But maybe you get mad.

Maybe you go silent.

Maybe you don’t react at all. Maybe you beep your horn! Just sayin, there’s always a response even if you’re totally fine and you don’t care. Not caring is a response. (hint* maybe you need to care more)

What is the opportunity here? Ask yourself that each and every time.

You really get some amazing perspective about yourself, your thinking and your emotional and physiological responses. Be curious about the interactions in your life. Reap the rewards of this awareness. Be mindful that others are exactly where they are and don’t take it personally.

Simply, always be curious.

What’s the opportunity here?

To learn more. To think deeper. To feel more. To master your self awareness really.

Not everyone is deeply curious. This is still new to me in understanding. Like, what do you mean you don’t sit and think about our very existence and wonder how all the intricate pieces fit into place? The astronomy, physics, science, biology, chemistry and miraculousness of it all. That doesn’t cross your mind 800 times a day?

That’s totally okay. To be sincerely content at accepting things as they are is a gift in itself for some.

Being absolutely curious about everything is also a gift in itself for others.

My advice; ask the questions, questions. Expand and permeate the gift of an awakened spirit.

Always ask, what’s the opportunity here?