emergency self care plan

2020 has not been an easy year for anyone, and we still have many months to go. Anxiety has been on the rise. Plus, stress levels are at all-time highs.

Have you been taking care of yourself?

If you’ve had a few difficult moments in the last year, perhaps it’s time to consider an emergency self-care plan.

What will you do when you’re at your breaking point? When you need some extra help or a serious re-set?

We ALL do from time to time. If you plan for it now, you’ll be able to bounce back twice as fast!

Check out these ideas to set up your plan:

1. Plan for Days Off

First, if you can see a stressful time ahead, check your calendar now, and decide which days would be important to take off from work.

In this way, you’ll prevent the utter despair a burnout brings and will make the extra time to devote to your self care plan when you need it most.

2. Create a Self Care Kit

Next, it’s incredible what a few indulgent items can do when we need a mental boost. So, take a week to think about what nourishes and inspires you when you’re low. Then, pack a magnificent self care kit.

Do you love quality chocolate? Fast paced fiction books? DIY Spa nights?

Stock up now with your favorite items, so they’re ready just when you need them!

3. Make a List

Now, make a list of all of the things that make you happy or soothe you when you’re at your worst.

Are there inspiring podcasts you love? Or perhaps music that makes you feel like dancing?

Include everything you can think of that would be helpful to your emotional state. Set this list in your self care box and you’re ready to go!

In Conclusion

With these three steps, you’ll be prepared no matter what comes your way the rest of the year.

And remember, even during adversity, we can take care of our mental health and pull through better than ever. It just takes forethought and the willingness to put yourself first, even when you don’t want to.

Put on your oxygen mask first friends! After, you’ll find that you can give much more to family and friends during times of need.