Flash to your future death bed moment.  Who is there? How much joy and love and even play is in that room?  Will anything else matter to you but love? Will your accomplishments matter?  Will you think, “if I’d only spent more weekends at the office!”  

If your deepest wish is that your relationships flourish.  If your deepest pain is derived from where you fall short. If some of your deepest regrets are the moments you really blow it with your spouse or said or did something so egregious that loved ones walked out of your life… then this can be a pivotal life moment!  After the tears pass, what do you do about it? Where do you begin? What can you do today so that six months from now, a year from now, ten years from now, you are different and your relationships are thriving because of it? Deep stuff!

Three months ago I stood, holding hands, in a circle of more than fifty people –  way out of my comfort zone – and I had a revelation: dudes are struggling… and yet not without hope of redemption. In that moment I made a commitment to be part of the solution.  After all, what I see when I look around at the men I know I see basically kind, caring and worthy men, that are maybe one or two or three ingredients away from significant joyification and relationship success-ination (made-up words for emphasis).

Four days ago I turned 49.  I met my wife when I was 18.  A miracle occurred back then because to this day she is my best friend, my closest confidant, my lover, and as beautiful to me as ever.  I did the math. She and I have snuggled up together for more than 10,600 nights. I bring this up because what we have is replicable! Men have to be part of the solution.

Okay back to that circle.  We were there partly to learn the value of a life spent in service.  Not martyrs, but committed to something larger than ourselves. My “aha” moment was that I could assemble a group of experts to help men find success in relationship.  The real deal! On that day, The Mighty Good Men Series: Finding success in relationship by being Brave, Connected, and Loving was born.  

And now I sit here with 27 interviews completed and I can only begin to tell you what an amazing journey this has been.  Neuroscientists answered my calls and agreed! Doctors said “yes” I’ll join in this.” Some of the world’s leading relationship psychologists took time out of their outrageously busy lives to spend a half-hour with me.

So… if your a man, COME JOIN ME.  If you’re a woman, GET THE MEN YOU LOVE to join me.  This series is free! www.themightygoodmanproject.com


  • Joshua Rosensweet


    I learned the value of hormones when my mother went through menopause.  I learned the importance of bio-identical hormones in an organic base from my father and partner, Daved Rosensweet MD.  Hormones never stop mattering... but our bodies' ability to produce them diminishes with time!  If you eat organic then you know the importance of it.  Hormones are almost universally delivered in a base that contains heavy solvents such as propylene glycol.  They don't have to be!  Ours don't and they're 100% organic.