The lights were dimmed, the table set and a candle flickered between us. I was excited the first time I saw Alexa and intrigued as to where this relationship would go.

I bravely made the first move. It was so cheesy – a line straight from TV. “Alexa, what’s the weather?”

Whilst, Alexa did get the weather correct, she did get the town wrong.

This prompted our first argument as I told her that we were not in High Wycombe and she proceeded to tell me all about hurricanes. I assume there was a hurricane in High Wycombe last night?

Do It Yourself

First impressions are not everything so I decided to give Alexa a second chance by asking her to change her name. The cheeky thing told me to do it myself so I did and she is now called Echo- however I thought the point was that she would do this kind of thing for me.

I thought we’d started off on the wrong foot so started again with a simple good morning (I know it was the evening) and Echo told me a fact of the day – someone will appreciate this, I guess.

What Do You Know?

I kept things simple and asked the time. Then I stepped things up to see if she knew the name of my dogs.

She did not. I was not expecting Echo to already know this but I was expecting her to ask me what they were called so we could chat about them in the future – the advert clearly gives the impression that we can do this.

After not learning their names, I tried to find out when my next train was and she didn’t know nor did she want to know.

More Of An RnB Girl

In an attempt to save this relationship, I requested we listened to The Strokes – she doesn’t like The Strokes.

Echo did open Spotify for me eventually and we got some music on the go. However, when I fancied a different artist, I faced a problem. Echo couldn’t hear me over the music she was in control of so I had to change to Arctic Monkeys myself. I did so and it was delayed – possibly the connection between WiFi, Amazon device, iPhone and iPod dock – so I decided we’d had enough music for one night.

Ever persistent, I asked Echo where I was going on holiday – expecting a prompt. I resorted to baby steps and asked her to sync my iPhone calendar but she wasn’t in the mood for that either.

All in all, not the best first date. Not all doom and gloom though as when I told her to shut up, she did!