We so often look at little ones, running around carefree, excited for that exact moment they are living, a huge grin on their face, thoughts only on that moment and the pleasure they are gaining from it. The words ‘I wish I had their energy’ can be heard by nearby parents, lamenting their lost youth and enthusiasm for the day, mentally tallying up what chores are left to do against their energy and ability to give a damn about the washing or light bulbs in need of a change.

Thinking back to the early 20 years, and it was work to fund fun, racing home on a Friday to get ready for a night out, heading to bars and pubs before hitting a club, staggering home at 3 am after dancing and laughing all night, the toilet chats with your girlfriend over who you fancied, who looked good, who had broken up with their girlfriend, who was being a sleeze. If lucky a slow dance kiss with someone, just living in that fun moment but this time, remembering it with a smile and racing pulse on the way home.

Early 40’s, the coffee with your friend, the reminiscing about the past, the fun we had as teens and 20 somethings, the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted. telling tall tales about that time we did something reckless and got away with it, that time we did something a little dangerous and came out the other side, that rose tinted childhood, that amazingly wonderfully wild and hedonistic 20’s life we lived, remembering those we loved and broke our hearts over, looking them up and feeling nothing now, except the hope they have enjoyed a good life with their partner of choice, looking at their children, family pics and smiling, wishing them well.

In Our 60’s do we look back with a fonder heart? a more wistful smile? a wish we had done more, seen more, explored more and worried less about the opinions of others? Do we sit and think of the infinite paths we could have travelled had we said yes that that year travelling? yes to that marriage proposal? yes to that girls weekend? Do we wonder what if? Do we try and guide those younger than us to take that chance, do that thing, live for now?

As we say goodbye to our loved ones, as we slip from this life, do we have a heart full of ‘I wish I had……’ a heart full of regret for not appreciating every last second of every day? or a grateful heart for all we did see, those we did love, whether lost to us or there saying goodbye? Do we wish more than anything to have a little more time?

Life is so fleeting, in the blink of an eye we are slipping from this life, So live for each and every second, the belly laughs, the sobbing, the sun shining, the rain falling. love every single part of every single day, Love without limit, deeply, passionately, and with an open and trustful heart. Help, shape, guide, laugh, love and show the world your smile today because tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. Be thankful for what you have in the here and now, Live your life as that child does, racing from swings to slide, hair flowing behind them, with a giggle in the air and no thought to the future.

Always, always, Live life with a grateful heart <3