Did you see the weird video on Facebook of the green, hairy, stick figure with no arms or head dragging a giant boulder across a thread of DNA stating, “This is what happiness looks like.”

I’d include a pic, but it’s not my pic, and I don’t want to get in trouble with the copyright police.

But, seeing the pic was kind of an “aha!” moment for me. Because, it seems like a really important thing to have that green, hairy guy working quite often. But, how often do we trade happiness for busyness?

The normal greeting of, “Hey! How are you?” has turned FROM: “Good! How are you?” TO “Busy, you know… Super busy!”

And, as much as we might feel like a slave to our busy schedule, it really is a choice.

Busyness is a choice as much as happiness is a choice.

I wonder what happiness we are missing out on so that we can be busy instead.

Something that makes me happy is having dinner together as a family. But, I often find myself trading them in for eating on the go so we can be busy instead.

Another thing that makes me happy is hanging out with my friends, but how often do I actually make the time?

If we are willing to make other important things a priority like working out to keep our bodies healthy, and having a job to provide for us and our families, and wasting time making bitmojis because you are sick in bed… (I may or may not have done that all weekend…)

Then, maybe we can choose to make being happy a priority too.

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