I went for the most fantastic run this morning.

I recently Black Friday-ed myself a new set of active wear and I am obsessed. Yes, the outfit is super pretty, a lady even stopped me mid leap to ask where I got them (ah yeah) but I also love it because of its practicality.

You may be wondering how practical compression tights and a sports bra really can be, and I can happily tell you, very! I cannot explain the inner peace achieved when your mind is on “left foot, one more step, another one, further, that sign is skew, I saw the sign it opened up my eeeyes, French Bulldog”. An impractical running bra, however, has the horrid ability to tear you away to having flashes of those “I think I look like this but I really look like this” running memes, the ones where you think you look like a bountifully-boobed superhero as opposed to looking like your body is attacking itself in an attempt to get you back into bed.

That being said, I had a brilliant run, with my practical and pretty outfit of choice – why? Because it works for me.

In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of us spend a large amount of time complaining. My partner doesn’t communicate with me enough, I’ve never known how to cook lamb and my all-time favourite, these heels are killing me!

The soul loves a good vent but what it loves more is growth. We complain about things that we are stuck on and, as humans, we are naturally inclined to want to find new ways to do things better. Its how we structure our lives, some people just don’t know how to look at a hurdle and think “how can I do this better”?

Achieving a goal is not growth, it is the result of growth and the only way this goal can be attained is by asking yourself how else you can be doing what you are already doing.

My partner doesn’t communicate with me enough, how can I do this better? Ask them why they find it difficult to let you know where they are at, and what their expectation of you is, when they close up.

I’ve never known how to cook lamb, how can I do it better? Well just trying is a start, and grab a mom, they always know these things.

As for these heels are killing me, how can I do it better? Well… wine.

Instead of looking at the things that aren’t so optimal in the day (unsupportive sports bra) and using this as a way to think your life is less than perfect, what we should be doing is looking at any of these things and asking ourselves how else it can be done to make sure we achieve a happier state of being more consistently. Now running is always happy and peaceful for me because I have made it that way by ensuring I do it the best way I possibly can, for me.

Growth is what keeps us alive. Growth is what achieves us our goals, 10km’s and feeling good, yes please!

Imagine creating a life for yourself where you have no complaints and simply choose experiences to grow from, just by asking yourself better questions?