Derek Burns is a man who is passionate about fitness.  He is a father and a man of faith.  One of the things that differentiates Derek from other trainers is just that – his faith.  He is not only committed to his client’s physical goals, he is invested in helping them have the mindset and faith in themselves that help them to maintain their health and fitness goals long term.  I recently sat down for a chat with Derek.  I was entertained, inspired and ready to go to the gym!

MK:  What inspires you to do what you do?

DB:   I love seeing people grow and become better, stronger, and accomplish more than they think they are capable of.  All of us are connected with something much bigger than us.  When you know and believe that, everything is possible.

MK:  Why is faith such an important part of your life?

DB:  I am a PK – a preacher’s kid, so I grew up learning about faith. Faith was always a part of my life; and even when I tried to run away from it, God is so much a part of me.   I realized one day who I truly was and the power in that – how I could use what I know – from my faith, to empower and inspire my clients to push through mental and physical obstacles.

MK:  What is the thing that you enjoy most about personal training?

DB:  I enjoy seeing my clients transform in terms of how they see themselves, how much stronger they become mentally and how their fitness transformation impacts other parts of their lives.

MK:  What makes you so successful at what you do?

DB:  I pray for my clients as much as I pray for myself.  I pray for all of them.  When people entrust their bodies and their growth to you and put themselves in your hands, that is a humbling thing.  It is also a blessing.  I see my clients as family, and I care for their well-being and happiness. So, I pray for them. 

MK:  What is one of the first pieces of advice you give to your clients?

DB:  You have to prioritize yourself.  If your health is not okay, nothing else is okay.  You can’t be productive at work, provide for your family, pursue your dreams, or have fun if you are not healthy and well.  So, working out should not be something that you do when you have time – you have to make the time.  You matter.  You are a gift.  You deserve this.

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