Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong stood for the first time on a celestial body other than earth. 

In 1903, the Wright brothers first took to the air, conquering powered flight.

1.89 million years ago, humans first stood up and started walking on feet rather than all fours, life has been evolving and learning for 3.5 billion years and in the virtual blink of an eye, we have gone from the first powered flight to landing on the moon.

Invention and perseverance are clearly amongst the most amazing powers humans possess and they’re possibly the secret behind how we have been able to become earth’s dominant species. The power of invention through insight comes to everyone that walks the earth all of the time, it always has, and it always will.

Humanity changes all of the time and in a fraction of the time of the life of the earth, we have emerged from taking our first steps to walking on the moon and within one lifetime we have invented manned flight to space flight. Astonishing! 

Invention through insight and perseverance or motivation appears to be something we are made of as we take a dream and make it reality.

As Apollo 8 rounded its orbit of the moon for the first time on December the 24th1968, William Anders was the one of three men to first see the rise of the earth above the moon’s surface and took this picture. It’s described as the most influential environmental photograph ever taken. Rediscovering it again for myself, the impact of this photo has helped me see a little more why I do what I do.

During the intensive sessions I hold with business leaders and project teams, there is a movement in their understanding when they see how the mind works and as a result, they solve their challenges effortlessly.

We bank on the simplicity of what we share with our clients and then in turn, them seeing for themselves the impact of what is a simple and humble truth of mental mechanics, they realise why it is so easy to misinterpret and why they became caught in their challenges.

Beyond this, when they see they have the ability to solve all of their worries and problems, there is a wonder of what their future holds. While it is certainly freeing to know that they will always be able to solve what tests them, there is something deeper to grasp as they in turn realise, they have nothing to fear of their future and plenty to create.

It’s at this point I bring this picture out, I share with them the beauty of the earth rise picture.

We have something very precious in the home we call earth and everything it has to share, it is literally heaven on earth, and it is here for us to enjoy. In the same image, it also indicates the fragility of what we have and then the isolation of who we are – what if we have the only planet with life? In our lifetime, we are here to enjoy everything the universe has to offer and thrive in it – not to suffer our own misunderstanding.

It’s then they see they have everything they need to be successful, when they get their insight their motivation follows, and they take their own moon shots.

Enjoy your life, learn more, and when you do, the universe will give back in spades! 

Ps. You might be thinking, why do I do what I do? My moon shot is, “In my lifetime, no one will misunderstand.”


  • Martin Croft

    Owner and CEO and Business Consultant

    The Thought Business Ltd.

    In my lifetime - no one will misunderstand. Dog owner, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend! - Business change consultant. Corporate Change Maker, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Project Manager - Deep Listener. I meet extraordinary people and help them do the impossible simply and quickly!