The moment we commit to walking our truth we inevitably face the reality that there’s going to be some leaping involved — quickly realizing that we’re on a journey marked with many moments that leave us wondering if life will in fact catch us.

This not knowing is so unsettling it often stops us from truly letting go to see if the elusive net will actually appear.

The net does in fact appear.

But, like in any jump, there is a period of suspension. And while we’re flying in the unknown we are forced to rely on three things: presence, trust in ourselves, and trust in life. After all, these three pieces are the fibers that come together to weave the net that allows us to land with grace.

See, our minds tend to focus on the beautiful hand-stitched hammock that is awaiting us, and as a result we miss the freedom that manifests while we are completely unattached. Experiencing this type of freedom is key because that’s the point at which we’re able to follow our heart and….

When our steps align with the pulse of our heartbeat, the fabric begins to materialize.

Therefore with each step we take, another square (or two) appears until we are swaddled in the love that we have created by living our truth.

This love emerges in a variety of ways: the work we produce, the people that enter our lives, the opportunities that present themselves and most importantly, inner calm.

When we consciously choose to dance through life, flying is part of the equation.

As long as we’re rooted in the present, we will see this invisible net forming square by square, and that is all we need to cultivate the most important type of security — the confidence to make the right choices for ourselves.

So, the next time you’re on the verge of creating or accepting an opportunity, the most important thing to do is tune in and listen.

Your heart might skip a beat, and if it does, you’re probably onto something. Meanwhile, be aware that the palpitation might cause you to stop. This is the point that you need to redirect your focus. Bring your attention inward. And no matter what, ask yourself:

Does this feel right?

If the answer is a clear yes, then the leap is sprung from self-trust.

When the leap is sprung from self-trust it means you are present, in your truth, and the net is materializing.

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