Mehdi Ettehadulhagh

Mehdi took his passion one step further and created a smart-wear line of clothing called VOTWEAR. What makes this different from traditional clothing? Imagine clothing that aids in optimizing human growth and physiology. The clothing is a way to help those working out improve their growth via blood flow restriction via Occlusion Training Wear. It was honored as the “Invention of the Year” in 2019 with the Medical Congress, which is held by the Union of Practitioners for Complementary and Alternative medicine.

By understanding how lactic acid and venous metabolic waste work, they were able to corral this and help amplify workout results. Occlusion training is also called blood flow restriction and tends to be used interchangeably at times, but there were misunderstandings about how it worked. With the confusion, Mehdi found the ability to use the resources around him such as labs, and the experience of having been a pro-athlete at one point to grow more involved in the research process.

It became his mission to delve deeper into the information to learn how it could help those who needed it. Think about how not only professional athletes can be helped, but senior citizens who need to build strength, injured rehab patients, and more. Without a safe, user-friendly method, they’d miss out on this amazing benefit.

VOT Wear

From this grew the world’s first Occlusion Training Wear. As a Norwegian Luxury SmartWear company, they specialize in innovative and sustainable smart training apparel that directly has an impact on the user’s physiology. 

The line grew with both Mehdi and two of his siblings. He focuses mostly on the medical aspect, which includes product design and innovation. His days are still spent working as a doctor. His priority is to make a difference in people’s lives.

Another key aspect of what their company VOTWEAR is doing is giving back. After the pandemic and seeing how it’s impacted everyone, they decided to help their community. The company donates 20% of its profits to the Seattle Foundation Fund to help battle Covid-19. 

VOT Wear

In today’s fragile environment, everyone needs to feel safe and united. As a brand, they know they can lead in this area, as can other brands, everyone doing their part. If you’d like to learn more about VOTWEAR, you can find them on all the different social media platforms via @votwear.