Maybe the answer is not as clear, direct and rational as we would like since in principle we are not very clear about how time works. We organize it from a linear concept that perhaps we should review and question.

Here I share a free tarot reading guide to know when and in what situations it can serve in your life.

When is the best time to consult a tarot reading?

  • Before making big decisions in your life. 

If you are considering an important life change but still have doubts about it, it may be useful to request a Tarot reading. The Tarot can be very useful in figuring if the time is right or you have to wait a little longer. Do not just stay with a yes or no answer. While the Tarot can highlight something you have not taken into account – such as having an economic plan for a venture, academic knowledge for a certain job, etc. – It is very useful to ask the letters if there is any aspect of the situation that you are not seeing and you are missing. The Tarot is characterized by being practical.

  • If you are in a situation that affects you psychologically and you cannot get out of it.

 An example can be if you work in a toxic environment, with envy and bad energy but you cannot leave that job for several reasons, or maybe your partner has lost his job and your earnings are the only ones that keep the family afloat, or you find yourself in a toxic relationship and you do not know what to do. You are stuck in this job and you must do your best every day to not feel desperate and stressed. You do not really know how to deal with those people who affect you internally, in an ideal way. Several times you find yourself in a bad moment, stress takes away your focus and you cannot visualize the solutions that are usually obvious. The Tarot is an excellent tool to realize your options, not just your expectations in the situation you find yourself,

  • When you discover yourself making the same destructive decisions or taking the wrong way in situations.

 Here there are more things involved; in this case, the Tarot is a starting point. Undoubtedly, the best option is to consult a therapist in conjunction with a Tarot reading that provides you with data to improve, in this the tarot reading really stands out and is powerful.

  • When you have made a risky decision and you realize that maybe you have made a mistake. 

Not all decisions made impulsively are bad. Sometimes you have to accept a risk and you know it. However, once this decision is made, the Tarot can guide you in finding a way to minimize the risks and consequences – or even take these risks and make them work in your favor.

  • When you have to face great risk and you need to see what the best way is before doing it.

 This is the classic situation in which several oracles are consulted, among them the Tarot. It is the most common and familiar. If you are absolutely sure that you have to face an important but risky decision, you can consult a Tarot reading for guidance and guidance. Keep in mind that you do not always win, however, you can always try to get the best out of a certain situation. However, if the Tarot advises you in several readings that this decision is too risky, try not to be stubborn and think again. 

Always remember that the Tarot does not decide for you, it is you who, seeing what it tells you to make the decision.

Finally, it should be noted that I always do, that the Tarot is simply a tool to guide you through difficult times and with obstacles that life presents to you. You must be open to the messages that the letters give. If you do not understand something, you can always ask for clarification – you can use my article on how to get a good tarot reading and make the most of it.