I used to (and sadly still do) plan to do things when__________ happened. Then, one of my besties pointed out to me that I was always waiting to live my life when the things I wanted to happen, happened. My latest-when we build our house and move, I will buy flowers and decorate. Right now, we live in a rental and I’m just not feeling it. 

When I was going through fertility treatments I would make comments like, when we have a baby I will get a new car, or when the baby comes I will ________. The problem was, month after month, year after year, still no baby. So I had to start living my life. I started to see that I could have and do the things I wanted before the “thing” happened. 

Live life today. What you are waiting on may never come, and the item you want or the experiences you want to have are still there for you. Please take the time you have to enjoy them, make them happen. 

You never know where life will take you next.

Written by: Dayna Mohan