I’ve been recently thinking about  reenergizing and how we recharge our personal batteries.  At this time of year, I am open to suggestions.  We are in the dog days of summer with only a few weeks before Labour Day, the kids are going back to school and our routines will soon be returning to some sense of normalcy. A perfect time to get ready for the fall season.

For me, the month of September is the start of my personal New Year. 
I hit the reset button and create a purposeful focus for the coming year. I have found it is an important part of my growth strategy. Something that I’ve been doing for a number of years. 

Throughout the summer, I’ve been experimenting with  a number of  new and different options. I currently start every day with a morning exercise routine.  In the last few months, I’ve been stepping outside my comfort zone, expanding my horizons by trying a number of other alternatives: dancing in the kitchen,  acrylic painting, photography, tai chi, and interval training.  I have found each and every option has given me a boost of energy with a much needed break from my usual routine.  

As a certified personal trainer and business coach, I know from experience, it is a good idea to switch things up from time to time so that we don’t get bored with our routine or begin to experience diminished results.

With that personal experiment in mind, I conducted an informal poll asking  other entrepreneurs in my social network how they recharge and find their “mojo.”  I love the word, because the basic definition refers to sharing or finding a “magic charm.”  

At this time of year, who is not looking for a little magic? 

I received over 50 replies through direct messaging, email and comments to the challenge.  I noticed most of the folks who responded are what I would respectfully refer to as successful entrepreneurs.  All have been in business for 5+ years and have a commitment to continuous improvement.

Here is the list of the top 4 responses:

1) By a landslide majority and at the top of the list:
    walking outdoors. No surprise really, we all know and
    understand the benefits of daily exercise to improve our
2) Morning rituals which includes journalling, writing in a self made
     empowerment planner, or reading motivational quotes.  These are
     especially effective when you believe in your  aspirations.
     It increases our success ratio.
3) Team Meetings – one entrepreneur refers to a “scrum,
     meeting.” Start the day by connecting with the team and
    setting the context for the days goals and objectives.  This is a
     great tool even if we work with other service providers.
     It becomes a supportive framework for productivity and results. 
4) Meditation – especially around 3:00pm – the typical time of
     day when we find that we are looking for a little pick me up. There
     were many suggestions to even just take a 10 minute break, quiet the
     mind and do a deep breathing exercise.  Effective and easy to do.

One author provided a mantra that I share with gratitude and thanks:
“Believe in yourself and the world will follow.” 

It looks like there is something to be said for finding our mojo!

I thank all of the folks who replied to my request – Your suggestions are truly inspirational!

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certifed in EQ – Emotional Intelligence, Author, Mentor and Speaker. She is the founder and guest blog host for shareyourstories.online a portal in support of the entrepreneurial spirit and sharing great ideas.  Subscribe to the network and join us with your story