Symptoms like cravings, indigestion, lethargy or stubborn weight are the body’s way of indicating that something is out of balance, so pay attention instead of ignoring them.

When your body is suffering from symptoms that rob your energy and zest for life, every day seems like a massive struggle.

You and I are meant to live our lives in a happy and vibrant state at all times. And in order to be so, our bodies are supposed to be in a state of balance. But when this balance is disturbed, you start seeing symptoms manifesting in your body.

Sugar cravings, indigestion, aches and pains, bloating, weight issues, lethargy, food sensitivities and many more; are just your body’s way of indicating that something is out of balance or deficient in the body.

That is just normal, and your body is doing you a favor by telling you to pay attention before things get worse.

Unfortunately this is where the ignorance piece comes in, which may actually lead to aggravation of the symptoms!

Here is why.

When it comes to our bodies and diets, most of us think that we know how to eat well and take care of ourselves.

But in reality, we rarely do so. Either the knowledge or the action plan we devise is insufficient. Let’s face it, we are not ‘know-it-all’- even if we like to think so. After all you don’t know what you don’t know.

So when you don’t feel better, your natural response may be to turn to Dr. Google for answers or resort to over-the-counter pill popping.

Now, unless you know what the root cause of your symptoms is and then take steps to fix it at that ‘basic’ level, your symptoms will simply re-appear!

Let me give you some examples to explain this better…

  • You may have been struggling with excess stubborn weight that won’t budge no matter how much you diet or bust your ass off. In desperation, you start cutting back on foods and calories, until you are literally starving yourself. The hunger pangs turn you into an angry hulk wanting to punch the next person who even dares to mention the word ‘food’!

But you see, weight issues could be a result of hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, excessive stress or even food sensitivities. Calorie balance is just one of the factors to keep in mind when you want to lose weight. Unless the root issue is discovered, you will continue to starve yourself, which actually puts your body into a conservation mode and you gain more weight as a result!

  • Or say you have sugar cravings that are so bad that you sneak up to the pantry to steal your kid’s candy after everyone’s gone to bed. Yeah, you know what I mean right?

So you may decide to put your will-power to test, go cold turkey and decide on never touching anything sugary ever again. Let’s be honest how long is that going to last- a few hours, or a few days at the most?

The root to your sugar cravings may lie in a blood sugar imbalance or a Candida infection, or both! Until that is taken care of, no amount of will power can make you stay away from sugary treats.

  • Now let’s take the example of constipation. Yes, I am going there….

We are always told to drink more water and have more fiber to get regular. Rightly so: as those are crucial factors for a good bowel movement.

However, the reason behind your constipation could be stress! Stress causes us to tighten up and makes it difficult ‘to-go’. Or it could be food sensitivities! You may be regularly eating certain foods that cause constipation & bloating.

So you see how being ignorant of these facts can suck you down a D-I-Y swirl. You may accidentally hit the right idea partly and have temporary relief, but not for long.

This is where ignorance over the long term is a curse, as it will just aggravate the symptoms and you will feel worse over time.

So then, how can you fix the situation?

The solution then is quite simple and to your surprise most likely.

  • Start by tuning-in into your body.
  • Listen to it. Closely.
  • Begin monitoring symptoms that are repeatedly troubling you and keep a note of them on your phone or in a diary. It will help you see a pattern overtime.


  • Stop DIY’ing and go see an expert who specializes in those symptoms/ conditions, as he/she will be able to get to the root cause of your problem faster and more accurately. It could be a doctor or an alternative holistic health care provider.

All you need is a clear blue print of the action plan to tackle the symptoms, which the expert can hash out for you in minutes!

  • Remember to take the notes you took with you, to help the expert get a better understanding of what is going on. The more information you can provide, the easier the recovery process.

Only YOU can take the right action to feel better.

Are you ready to do so?!

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