Photo by Diana Simumpande for Unsplash

When you have a moment of overwhelm in pursuing your dream, don’t give up the dream, give up the anxiety around the dream.  Give up your preconceived idea of how you think the journey towards the dream will look.  Give up the expectation that the closer you get to your dream the easier it should go.  Rest peacefully in the fact that you may have a few hurdles you have to overcome to reach your dream and that’s ok.  

For those of you that periodically deal with anxiety and panic like me, know that a panic attack does not mean you’re a failure or that you aren’t handling your business, it’s your body telling you “rest for a moment please, I promise I’ll be ready to move forward once you give me some rest”.

Yesterday I had an anxiety meltdown.  I’m two days from opening my new brain based wellness meditation studio that I’ve been building for two years.  I’ve been focused and diligent in the midst of a global pandemic and there has been one delay after the next.  I’m fine with delays because I’ve learned with each delay the Lord is doing something marvelous in the background on my behalf.  But yesterday, I was done! Completely, freakin, done!!!!  Hence, a complete meltdown!  On my way to the emergency room meltdown.  Calling my doctor and crying on the phone as she reminds me I’m just tired and overthinking meltdown.  Sitting in the parking lot ugly crying meltdown.  Then it comes, the real intended goal of anxiety and panic, to make you stop and give up.  I can clearly hear in the privacy of my mind “how you gone help other people when you can’t get your own shit together?”  Look at you, you’re a failure sitting in this parking lot all undone and crazy, you can’t help nobody including yourself.”  When that thought came I immediately stopped crying and hollered out loud “the Devil is a liar!”  If I don’t know anything else, I know who I am and what my purpose is and that purpose woke up and it took it’s rightful place! The purpose the Lord planted in me rose up with power, confidence, boldness and authority and I dried my eyes, wiped my nose and took a deep breath and the half a Xanax I had in my purse in the event a moment like this ever came up again. After years of being panic free I could have allowed overwhelm to paralyze me and cause me to quit, but instead I understood I just needed to rest.

So for the next few days, I rest. 

I read, I listento jazz, I meditate, I rest. 

I sleep, I take long hot baths, I BrainTap, I rest.

I take my supplements, I retreat from social media, I rest.

I breathe, I detox, I pray, I rest.

Overwhelm is a call to rest, not quit.  Rest my friends.