While going to school has been taken for granted in many parts of the world, courageous kids at a remote mountain village in Da-Liang mountain of China risk their lives to go to school. They have to embark a 2-hour dangerous journey to climb a steep mountain of 2625 feet to go to school as many parts of the mountain are so steep that the ladders are nearly vertical. This heart-breaking story was reported by ABC News in 2016.

A group of Indiana kids, including my daughter Yaya has taken actions to raise money for the “Cliff School” since the beginning of the year. Here are their story and campaign: https://www.youcaring.com/sinousanextgenerationfoundationinc-1051329

Please support their campaign and help with their effort by sharing with your friends on social media. Thank you all for your love and generosity. Cheers!