When I started my blog in 2011, I had no real expectations other than it serving as a source of inspiration for those who needed it. Little did I know, I’d be inspiring myself along the way. Although I don’t post as often as I did when I first launched my site, the mere thought of abandoning it would sadden my soul… I know, you’re probably thinking,”Is it really that deep?” The truth of the matter is, IT IS THAT DEEP!!

What I know about life is that we all have gifts and talents. And at different phases of life, we are called to use those gifts and talents in ways that will enrich the lives of others and ultimately bring us fulfillment. It goes without saying that my gift and passion lies in counseling and inspiring others to walk in their personal power. These are the very gifts that I take with me everywhere I go, no matter where I go. In every job I’ve ever had, and every friendship I’ve ever invested in, I have always made it a point to bring more of what my spirit calls me to be to every situation. My goal at this phase of life however, is to become MORE of who I AM.

More recently, I struggled with being at a job that I had zero desire to stay in. In fact, many mornings I felt anxiety at the mere thought of going to work. No, it’s not because I don’t enjoy working. I happen to have an amazing work ethic, but I wouldn’t hesitate at the option of being a housewife for a few years. Just kidding (NOT! lol)… ? It’s just that nothing about my job at the time made me light up inside. That thing that I do so well (inspire and counsel people), didn’t stand a chance to survive nor thrive as long as I remained in that position. My spirit was calling for my return to those things that feed it. And so, here we are.

As I write this post, I am filled with gratitude for that job and every job I had before and since then. Yes, I am grateful for those experiences because they forced me to be more of myself. How, you ask? Well, because the more I realized how much those lines of work were not for me, the clearer I became about what IS for me. The more I realize what I’m not great at, the clearer I become about what I do so very well.

Oftentimes it is our greatest failures and disappointments that push us towards our greatest accomplishments. In this chapter of my life, I choose to answer the call of my soul to do more of what feeds it. I choose to honor my soul by not allowing what I do not want to overshadow my deepest desires. I choose to allow the light of my soul to shine brighter by being more of who and what I AM without apology, guilt, nor fear. I am answering life’s call to be more of ME, and it is my hope and prayer that you will be inspired to be more of YOU.

When life whispers, speaks, screams and shouts, will you answer the call to live your purpose? I want to know and I’d love to help. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected] Let’s make lemonade!



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