It was only few months since I joined the new school because my dad got transferred to the new city, we all had to shift. In the start, I felt so lonely as I had no one to talk to. Slowly, I started to know other students around me. There was one person with whom I felt a special bond which I would name it as Nerd bond.

We could talk about anything to each other. People would often tease us as they would feel that how could two guys always be around each other? They would call us with different names but it never bothered us. We both would always be in our world. Whether it was PSP, PUBG, Google stadia, cricket, football, politics, latest phones, cars, any damn thing which was trending or was talked about, was there in our part of discussion. We would love to keep ourselves updated.

Others would feel jealous. We would just laugh at them. We both had reached on another level. We would often go out after school to have tea from a nearby vendor and there our chat would continue again. When I would reach home, topics would run in my mind to discuss with him for next day. We had become best buddies and I would fondly call him my nerd buddy.

Exams got over and we went to get out results. We both reached to our school. Both of us had got very good marks. We were very happy and decided to tea party together. We went to a nearby shop where we could have snacks and tea. I looked at him. He was not speaking anything. I wondered if he was sick?

‘Hey Dude ! What’s wrong?’ I asked him.

‘It is my last day here. I am leaving tomorrow to a different country’.

The tea from my hand fell off. Was I surprised? No !!! Hell, I was shocked. Why did he have to go all of a sudden? He was the only person who I could share anything with. How can he go and leave me alone. How I wished I could stop him anyhow. He further spoke ‘My family wants to shift to their native place. They want me to continue my education there’.

Tears wanted to come out from eyes but they didn’t. I was a guy after all and could not let them come out. I felt so broken, shattered into pieces. I wanted to scream loud but I just sat silent listening to him. I could not speak a word. Finally the time came when I had to say goodbye to him. How I wished I could tell him that please do not go.

I am sure he was also going through a tough phase. He would also miss me. It would be difficult for him to find a close friend at a sudden. But, you cannot change destiny. Those who are headed to leave will go to their destined places.

It is very tough when a person close to you leaves you. Although in today’s world we are so much connected. Be it via call, messenger, skype, facetime, all kind of social handles and what not. But, in real you miss the presence of the person in your life. I cheered him up and wished him good luck for his future. I convinced myself to be happy for the reason that at least he will be together with his family and other members which are living at his native place.

I promised myself that I would never make a friend again who would be so close to me. I would just be with myself. That way I won’t get hurt. I realised how important it was for me to love myself as well. To my nerd buddy, let’s promise each other that we will never forget each other and yes, we will learn to love ourselves as well.