My Father died 20 years ago next February.  It was a case of one day he was here and the next day he was not.  It had us all reelling and unsure of not only the best way forward but in fact any way forward.

This was until my Mother had a very clear dream one night.  In the dream she was sitting on a bus with Dad and the bus came to a stop. Dad got up and proceeded to get off the bus and Mum started to follow him.  Dad stopped her and said that whilst it was his time to get off the bus it was not her time and she needed to stay on.  From that time on my Mother felt more at peace with the way life was headed even though it was certainly not as she had planned and as a result I think we all did!

Now I cannot explain where that dream came from or why my Mother had that dream but what I know is it provided a lot of reassurance in a time of enormous uncertainty and for that I am very thankful.  Since that time I have kept my eyes and my mind open during times of uncertainty, change and sadness and looked around more openly for the things that might provide a little more hope. I have realised that it can be the smallest, most unexpected thing that can help you step forward into whatever may come next. And sometimes that one step makes all the difference.