As a frontline healthcare worker during this pandemic, you may be experiencing a lot of negative emotions. Maybe more than you’ve ever experienced before in your career. And that’s okay. This is an unprecedented time and you’re living in unprecedented circumstances. 

It’s important to know when it’s a good time to get more help and with so many stressors around, it might be hard to know when to reach out and when to keep pushing through.

Mental Health America offers anonymous and confidential online screening for several conditions, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Below you can access a list of screening resources to help you know when it’s a good time to get more support for how you feel. These screenings can be a good resource to help you navigate the symptoms you’re experiencing and provide more information about available support resources.

You need to take care of yourself, so you can continue to be able to take care of others. 

For more information on mental health resources, please see: Mental Health Resources for First Responders Under Stress

Mental Health America resources for frontline health workers are being developed based on support from Johnson & Johnson Foundation in partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation.