let go of those who no longer serves you

Everyone here on this planet was born with a purpose. Many spend their entire lives trying to figure it out but die trying. Our life is spent on building patterns. We form attachments to people, places, and things, and struggle to grow out of these habits when we know it’s time to. Yet, these habits are holding us back from reaching our true potential and we choose to live with them every single day. Still, we wonder why we’re stuck in the same place day after day, year after year.

Letting go of life long friendships and relationships is no easy task. In fact, it’s so uncomfortable it causes feelings of fear, worry, regret, disappointment, and grief. When we lose something or someone, it’s human to want to fill the void but, our emotions teach us things we don’t even realize when we take these uncomfortable steps. Great things come from the most uncomfortable moves and it all starts with cutting ties ! Here’s how you know if someone is no longer serving you.

Their Energy Drains You

In order for anyone to serve a greater purpose for you, you have to vibrate on the same frequency. Conversations need to go back and forth consistently to get your brain flowing in the direction you need it to. Someone who is always talking about social media, latest trends, and reality T.V. is not conducive to you. Ask yourself if the conversations you’re having are related to your life goals. Pay attention to these cues the next time you get together or speak over the phone. If by the time you’re done and your vibration is not higher, it’s time to cut the ties!

They Say They Support You, but Don’t Really Support You

A person’s actions truly speak louder than words. If you have a new business idea, or heck an established business.. do your friends support you by allowing you to bounce ideas off of them? Or do they give comments like, “wow dope.” and “I can’t wait to see”? While those are great comments, they’re not what you need! You need energy that’s going to pour into you and give you more life, more ideas, more MONEY! Slowly inch yourself away and you’ll quickly notice how important meaningful conversations are to you and the life you’re trying to build.

Drama is Attracted to Them

Every time you speak, there’s something new going on, and not a good new. A new problem arose, their day was awful…again, and they can’t figure out why “It’s always something.” Familiarize yourself with this type of energy, because it’s toxic! When you constantly surround yourself with people who have something wrong, you will too. It’s as simple as that.

Time to Detach!

If any or all of these ring a bell, and specific people came to your mind reading each point, then they no longer serve you. So often people say their tired of living this mundane and boring lifestyle but aren’t willing to do anything about it. This is step one, people! When you live life from an abundant standpoint, demand better conversations from people, surround yourself with positive energy, and let go of all that no longer serves you, the universe will give back to you. I promise!