Last week, I was in a yoga class where I couldn’t breathe.

It had been a difficult month. One where grief piled and support seemed to disappear. I was in a state of lack.

To help myself heal, I went to a yoga class. The practice of yoga helps to clear emotional blockages — blockages that we hold within ourselves until we have the courage to release them. Our need to cling to the past and the future and control outcomes allows us to cling to feelings that are damaging to our bodies.

What I didn’t realize is how terrifying it would be to explore my body during this time. I could barely stretch out my limbs without hyperventilating. I could barely sit still without crying. To face the heartache was difficult, and I found myself in child’s pose 85% of the class.

When the class was almost over, I looked next to me and there was a woman who was also in child’s pose. In a power yoga class, this is often rare to see, because everyone tries to keep up with the class — whether because they are afraid others will judge them, or they feel they have to participate the whole class, or push themselves.

I admire those who don’t.

I admire those who listen to their bodies.

I found myself saying Thank You, Stranger, for not pretending to be strong. I certainly can’t right now.

Your truth in your experience is giving me strength.

Ironically, what others perceive as a weakness is making me stronger.

Thank you for being with me. Thank you for not trying to look strong.

Staying strong together, especially as women, is what is needed from us during this day and age. I felt a spiritual connection with this woman that inspired me to journey on and look for other voices. Please join me in Meditation for the Modern Woman, coming in February 2017.

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