Enterpreneur and writer Glynnis MacNicol in her podcast ‘Hiding in the Bathroom’ says that she at most times wished that she had been born and brought up when there was no Internet. Yes, she has raked a fortune writing highly converting content that would get lots of views and shares but she says that the world of Internet and social media also has its own ills. And the biggest one is that one always has the fear of missing out (FOMO) when they are disconnected from the online world. And then you get a burnout from doing all these activities and finally feel  that you need a break if you are to work optimally.

I cannot agree with her more because working in IT, I have seen really bad days when you feel that if you are not online, everything will crumble. And it is a bad feeling because you are ever tied to gadgets and always checking and refreshing your browsers lest you miss out. You are also the custodian of all the company online resources, have a tonload of passwords you have to memorize because again archiving them online is risky, keeping them offline could have them get into unauthorized hands.

Working in Tech, I have always found myself doing the following:

Always minding the security of the company

I am always checking that our security as a company is not breached. And as such, I always have to be online lest a hacker gets into the system and changes the super admin rights so that I am locked out and they take over. They could also infiltrate into the online financial information system and you can just imagine what would happen if the banking logins got into the wrong hands.

Fortunately with the presence of some good rotating proxies, you can be sure of enhanced company server security because with the proxy servers, what happens is that as someone tries to infiltrate the company server, they are first redirected to the proxy server which filters their authentication and notifies you of who tried to get access to your company server.

Controlling Internet usage of others

There are employees who want to use the company Internet wrongly watching adult content, doing their own personal jobs while they should be using the resources only for company benefit. If this is the case, you might need proxy servers that monitors the online content of the staff or you could also block the sites from the router level.

Balancing traffic so that company website server doesn’t crash

You can imagine what would happen if you are offline and some DDOs attacks are rallied to your company website. Clients would get error messages which is not a great thing for your reputation.