For the last three years, I have worked on becoming more open to understanding there is more to the universe that meets the eye.

What do I mean by this ok let’s start from the beginning? Have you ever just looked up and saw number synchronicities such as 111 or 222?

At the end of 2017 I kept seeing 111 at first I thought it was just simply me catching the number at the time. Coincidental some would say. I thought this until I would see it nearly every day. I was like ok there must be some logic to this surely?

“It turned out it was the beginning of something beautiful.”

smile and the world smiles with you.

Over the next couple of years, I would learn to find these are angel numbers or guidance from the universe so to speak. If you were to see number synchronicity it would coincide with what you were thinking. I used this as guidance along with manifestation.

I learned that positive actions lead to positive reactions. Something we get taught when young but maybe don’t fully put into practice. By understanding and learning that seeing these numbers or even songs would make me think of a positive chain reaction and how I could achieve or manifest things in life.

“Law of attraction can bring us the most beautiful things.”

Over the years I learnt to change my mindset to a more positive one and I learnt the art of manifestation. I would set to work and believe that I could achieve things as well as working hard. I have manifested cars, a home and even lifestyle. All these things anyone can achieve you just have to believe. When it came to understanding if I was on the right track I would gain insight by seeing numbers. Now sometimes I would get frustrated as I would think what do they mean and why am I seeing these numbers? I would get so annoyed and hope the universe would just leave a note for me. But it’s not that easy. Never is ‘sigh’. I have learnt that it is all about soul searching. These number sequences I would see I started to learn that the more I saw a specific number the more I needed to focus on what it was I was manifesting at the time. A bit like a gentle nudge. Now here is the best part.

Since I was a teenager I had this one boy he was my best friend the boy next door. We were so close and had chemistry but it was never anything more. We grew up and tried to stay in touch but life gets in the way. It happens to us all. About a month or two ago. I kept seeing 111 now I know that when I see this something new is going to happen. But what? Then it started I kept seeing things that would remind me of him. This made me smile as I missed him so much. I hadn’t seen him in over 10 years. But he always held a place in my heart. Then the oddities I guess happened more. I would hear our song and see his initials what felt like everywhere. I kept thinking I needed to try and find him make sure he’s ok and keeping well. i found him a few times on social media but i never knew how to reach out to him? I was like a nervous school girl.

I woke up one Friday and it was like the universe was shouting at me to go find him!!! I was like ok I get the point. Guess what I found him. I couldn’t be happier. He’s still the most beautiful man in the world. He still has a smile that lights up the room. And he still has the most loving personality.

I sat the other day and realised that I in fact had manifested him back in my life. I just didn’t realise. See in reality the songs playing could be a plain coincidence right? the initials I kept seeing weren’t actually his they belonged to someone else but I thought of him. I walk passed the place we first met every day. The list is endless. I guess my point of this is. We can manifest anything in life and whether or not these angels numbers are something or just a placebo effect they helped me on my manifesting journey. To find my way back to the man of my dreams and this time. I won’t let him go.

“Think of what you want in life. Whether its lifestyle, love, or something material. If you have a positive mindset and focus on the end goal, work hard you can achieve anything in life.”