The world is in our hands

Some say our weary world has come to a halt.
It’s resting, recharging, renewing.
It’s conveying a message that we can do the same.
We can protect ourselves, our people, our planet.
We can prioritise connection and compassion. 
We can practice respect and resilience.
We can promote equality and the wellbeing of all.
We can live with purpose and positive intention.

Some say our weary world is imploring us to stop what we’re doing and start afresh.

What if when we move forward, we go backward?

What if we go back to taking our loved ones for granted?
To disconnecting from our kids, family and friends?
To questioning the role of the stay-at-home parent?
To pointing the finger at refugees?
To judging the homeless?
To stigmatizing those with mental health challenges?

What if we go back to the rat race, the stress, the burnout?
To pushing our kids in the rat race too?
To consumerism and materialism?
To wasting food and basic necessities?
To polluting our skies and seas?

What if we go back to hurting and harming our world in all these ways and more?

For those who have loved and lost, their lives will never be the same. For those who have been inconvenienced, is all that is happening a mere interruption? 

What if when we move forward, we continue in the right direction? 

What if we each make ONE unwavering, scheduled, no-excuses commitment to do better and be better. Check in on loved ones, consume a plant-based diet, return early from work to connect with the kids, feed the homeless, volunteer at an animal shelter. Whatever aligns with your values. A meaningful commitment that you follow through on once a week, once a month or once a quarter. Schedule it in and stick with it.

Set your intention. Mark your calendar. Hold yourself accountable. 

When the world moves forward, let’s move forward too.