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What can you do when you're facing uncertainty?

I had one of the most amazing experiences a few days ago. I realized that the best way to go on when things don’t go as planned is to laugh at the little things or simply say: not to sweat the small stuff. When I used to work as an educator, I used to observe how children interact with each other and play Mr. Colombo without showing any fears. Then I asked myself this question: how do children react when they are experimenting, are they scared to try new things or are they with a sense of curiosity forcing them to know the unknown? Children are risk-takers. Then I got this answer: Children act in the present moment. They do not have the time to sweat neither the big nor the small stuff. Children are free-spirited (little people) who only want to explore what is happening right here and now. Unlike us adults, when we get in our comfort zone, we tend to shut down and afraid to take risks. Have you ever wonder why the sudden fear? I’ll tell you, it’s that simple you let the littlest thing get through to you and you let it affects your well-being.

Living Life Judging Ourselves When Things Go Wrong Affects Our Health And Well-being.

If we want to have a peaceful mindset, one of the things we have to start in our practice is to stop judging ourselves. Having a sound mindset where we can feel at peace and find happiness is essential to our health and well-being. What if we would just take the time instead to ask ourselves positive and effective questions? This is a practice that can help build self-confidence to do things and laugh at them when they go wrong. Being able to laugh at things when they do not go as expected is refreshing and it heals. When things go wrong, it gives us the chance to learn more from them and to try different alternatives so we can see new outcomes and live a happier life.

Choose your approach, have a mindset shift and live a happier life.

You can shift your mindset by making the best of everything! Laugh at yourself when you screw up on things the same as when you achieve something great. Life was not meant to be serious all the time. So when things go wrong, smile a little and keep going.

3 reasons why you should stop sweating the small stuff:

1. Your Inner Being
You need to be at peace with yourself and with all the elements within. Your inner being is what helps you form a relationship with yourself by caring and loving yourself. When your inner being does not sweat on the negativity you can fulfill your life’s purpose easily.

2. Your relationship with others is not affected
When you do not let the littlest things get to you, you’re much happier. And that means you have a better attitude to relate well with others. That is why shifting the mindset is necessary for your relationships as well.

3. Your health matters more than you think
Have you paid attention to your heartbeat, and your breathing? You know that when you stress too much on things that have no purpose to you, your health is affected by it. If you cannot laugh at it when things go wrong, how can you find happiness and health? Let loose and take care of your health.

We do not realize how important letting go of the things that are not serving us is. For you to be at a happier place in life, you must practice this and say it to yourself “I do not sweat the small stuff. They do not serve me, my health and well-being”. It is a simple exercise but I know it is an effective one.

Give It a try!!