‘Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!’

Cottesloe Beach 6

As the sun sank slowly behind the rocky range, the sky turned into a painting streaked with flecks of pinks, golds, reds and oranges. I was the only person on the flat, thin, rocky summit of Bluff Knoll and all was silent except for the sound of the wind traversing up on over the thin ridge line of the Stirling Ranges. For a fleeting moment the sky was a magical kaleidoscope of sunny colours. The silence, the summit solitude and the colours in the sky made me feel alive and happy. One of those glorious outdoor moments. The hike down from Bluff Knoll would be in the dark and probably a little cooler and windier but the discomfort was so worth the experience of enjoying this tiny slice of beauty.


As far back as I can remember, sunsets have always been a joy for me. It is when Mother Nature is at her most beautiful and artistic best. My most vivid memories of sunsets have been when I have been travelling or working as an outdoor guide. When I travel, I will always make an effort to enjoy a sunset which can often be hit and miss but part of the adventure and I feel that allows the opportunity to see a place at its best. Outdoor guiding afforded me the luxury of enjoying sunsets outdoors on many occasions. There is something infinitely beautiful and perfect about being able to take in a sunset from a remote campsite. Either way, as someone who loves colour, sunsets have enabled me to appreciate nature offering a daily painting of the sky to the world for free allowing us to lose ourselves in the moment just for a minute in time.


I believe sometimes its the way where we reserve a spot on holidays etc. to make time for sunset viewing. Sunsets are not just for the outdoor lovers, evening surfers and photographers – they are there for everyone. I am lucky to be able to live in a spot where sunsets will almost force their way in through your windows and that, is why they have become a daily ritual almost for me.

Kokoda Track 5

On reflection, when watching a sunset, there is a stillness, peace, focus, quiet, and beauty that is often missing in or lacking in the rush of everyday living. Sunsets allow us the opportunity to slow down and appreciate beauty, sign off at end the day on a positive note, get outside, breathe in some fresh air, enjoy some of nature’s finest gifts and maybe, just maybe feel a little inspiration about the good things in life.

All of this for free!

Denmark 10

Just recently, I was sitting out on the rocks at Ocean Beach lookout watching the last rays of sun across the southern ocean and some seals were playing below me near a band of granite ocean boulders catching fish and lolling in the waves and a couple of curious whales who had been hanging he bay swam across to check out the scene. For a moment in time it was me, some seals, some whales and a sky streaked with gold. These are the moments that remind me of the perfection in life.

So, when and where was the last time you stopped and watched a sunset?