Growing up I felt unintelligent. Failure upon failure filled my life. Somehow I knew that my life would be better. I didn’t know how then, but I do now. That was my “angels” helping me to keep going no matter what was going on.

There was a defining moment that altered my deep sense of unparalleled grief that took me decades to overcome.

I had just finished a piano performance exam and received my mark. My first big success was achieved!! A first-class honor! It was a beautiful warm and sunny summer that day. I felt overwhelmed with, “did that really just happen to me?” My mom, who was a challenged soul, told me that she had achieved the mark because she paid for the lessons. My confidence plummeted.

Decades went by but yet I persisted in my musical studies.

I came to an impasse in my studies when a truly incredible human being showed up. He was brilliant and saw something in me that I did not. We met at a piano music camp that had performers and masters from around the world. He was the guest artist. We connected on such a level that I cried. It was not in the divine timing for us to study together, but a couple of years later we reconnected. It was TIME! The levels of his love for me shine every day and in every moment I teach or perform. He gave me courage and understanding of ME. Something I had no idea even existed.

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance

Samuel Johnson

Andrea Biedermann

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