This originally appeared on Quora written by Joseph Larez.

We decide when COVID-19 will end. 

Wait. Let me explain.

Nature is a closed system.

It operates according to the law of homeostasis and must always maintain balance.

Nature behaves toward humanity objectively depending on our input into the system.

Meaning if we promote homeostasis, then we receive pleasant living conditions from nature. If we disrupt this homeostasis, then nature responds in ways to return to balance, often making our lives more “difficult” through natural disasters, such as fires, earthquakes—and new, unpredictable viruses.

But don’t take it personally. Nature merely operates according to its program. It’s similar to a mother’s approach to an unruly child. Although she might have to be tough from time to time, it’s only to ensure the continued development of the child.

So the recent discovery of COVID-19 is in order to show us that a change is needed. Think about it. We’re being forced to distance ourselves from each other in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

But this virus is merely a symbol of the root cause of the problem. We need to stop the true virus—our negative attitude toward each other—from spreading. This destructive inclination to build ourselves on the ruin of others (and on the ruin of our planet) has led humanity to the brink of the point of no return.

Many experts believed we were headed for World War III before COVID-19 hit. Fortunately, nature has hit the reset button and given us a chance to slow things down and think about what our next move is.

If we choose correctly, this virus will no longer be a cause for concern. If not, an even greater threat may appear. Let’s choose homeostasis, between each other and with nature. By this, we won’t need these external pressures and will instead ensure our continued development in a positive way. 

It’s in our hands. Together may we succeed!