I’m sure you’ve asked this question. It’s on all of our minds.  Today I overheard my six year old asking Siri when the coronavirus would be over. To her disappointment, Siri didn’t have any answers! 

It’s human nature to want to control our life. It’s actually one of our most basic human needs! So when things are out of our control, we can often feel unsettled and anxious. 

Yes, it’s hard to be stuck at home and not have all the wonderful people and activities that normally fill our lives, but the greater issue is that no one knows when this all ends and a sense of normalcy can return to our lives. 

Not being able to force our will upon this timetable can make us feel helpless.

But I want you to know that you’re not alone and you’re not helpless!

One of the most beneficial lessons this time can teach you is to SURRENDER CONTROL and let reality be reality. 

I learned this valuable lesson when I contracted a rare virus at thirteen years old and suddenly found myself fighting for my life. I wanted to know exactly how and when I would get my health back. Every day, I would repeat over and over again in my head, “Please let this be over soon. Please let this be over soon.” Doing this only created fear, anxiety, and even hopelessness, because every time just reaffirmed that I had no control over the timetable.  

Then one day I realized that my greatest strength was learning to surrender the HOW and the WHEN my body would heal. It didn’t mean I stopped fighting or doing everything in my power to get my life back, it just meant that I was able to fight differently and more effectively. 

Instead of taking action from a fearful state of needing to control, I was able to take action from a faithful state, trusting in the greater picture of my life and what God had planned. It was by surrendering, that I was able to feel my greatest hope and strength.

I know this is NOT easy in any way, but learning how to do this is vital to being able to have peace, joy and progress, even during challenging times. I know if you can learn how to surrender and trust, it will serve you the rest of your life.