AppsFlyer, a startup known for its amazing culture, has just raised $210M in a round led by General Atlantic, a VC with a long-term investment horizon.

The announcement came as dozens of world leaders have begun to arrive in Israel to mark 75 years since the Auschwitz liberation. The leaders will be in Israel for the 5th World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem.

I don’t think this is a coincidence. AppsFlyer came up on my radar because of everything they were doing for Holocaust survivors.

They are regular backers of the “Spark Hackathon” where tech entrepreneurs dedicate 36 hours to come up with solutions to help Holocaust survivors.

A few months ago they hosted 120 Holocaust survivors in their office for a special New Year dinner. AppsFlyer employees served them, talked to them, and even took them out on the dance floor!

AppsFlyer invited the survivors back again a few weeks ago to light the Hanukkah candles together. Clearly this is a company that cares deeply about this important topic.

“The Holocaust is a constant reminder of how fragile all the things we take for granted are.” AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel

I think this is an incredible example from Israel about how we treat our fellow man. We always have the choice to lift others and contribute to bettering our society.

The sharp rise of anti-Semitism in the world is an indicator that something is really wrong, and we need to be a lot more innovative about how to go about restoring balance.

There has always been good and evil in the world. Right now may be the perfect time to pioneer a process of global unity that can correct society’s imbalances, and ultimately make life better for everyone. Is there an app for that? Nope. This will be achieved by activating our finest human attributes — caring for and being kind to others.

P.S. This really is the most historic week ever in Israel!

At least 47 world leaders, including 26 presidents, four kings (from Spain, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg) and four prime ministers will be in town for the event. The Foreign Ministry has called this event the third-largest gathering of international leaders in Israel’s history, after the funerals of Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. The guest list includes US Vice President Mike Pence, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zolenskyy, Britain’s Prince Charles, and many more leaders from Romania, Italy, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Bosnia, Iceland, Armenia, Australia, Canada and other nations.