When she was just 5, Hannah Taylor observed a homeless man rummaging in the garbage for food.By the time she was 8, Hannah started The Ladybug Foundation which has had an incredible impact on homelessness in Canada.

It’s not important whether you have heard about it. It may be one of many organizations that are quietly making an impact. Sure, most people have heard of Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the Wounded Warrior Project but do you know about organizations like Enchanted Makeovers or The Exodus Road?

Most people hear about the famous celebrities and moguls who have funded foundations and created great change but seldom realize the incredible impact even one person can have when we do something that moves our souls; when we live and are “on purpose.”

I spend a lot of my time consulting with business owners, new entrepreneurs and burned out employees.I often hear over and over again how each one wants to “make a difference”,”do something purposeful”, “create a bigger change.”

The desire to make the world a better place is nearly an innate wish and yet trying to put the pieces together to identify how to create something that can truly make an impact creates a feeling of overwhelm and under resource.

We might have bold, noble and incredible ideas of how we can make a difference but putting the nuts and bolts together to do so often leaves us with little more than ideas swimming in our mind and bits of plans on sticky notes.

When we are on purpose, that small voice becomes louder telling us we really SHOULD DO SOMETHING about whatever it is that moves our soul but we become intimidated by the logistics.It seems mind boggling to know where to start first.

Much like one drop of water seems insignificant when considering a bucket full, we feel inadequate, intimidated and perhaps even foolish in thinking we can have an impact.

I’ve done the same, so I know the drill. You hear or see something that draws you in and speaks to you about how to do your part, make your mark, offer what you have to create change and then a few days or weeks pass and you have left those ideas on your brain’s shelf in hopes they will resurrect themselves with a solution of how to start what you know you want to do.

It’s critical to remember that the size of what we do is not as important as the reason we do it or the heart we do it with.Whether you want to create something that benefits just a handful of people or an entire continent is not as relevant as why you want to be involved.

Sometimes, it’s not about starting something but about joining  something already started.     

Think about it.What would you really do on purpose because it really matters to you; if you knew you would be successful and it would make a powerful impact?

Now, think about this.If it has been “calling” to you to be on purpose does it really matter whether you are guaranteed to achieve great things or simply create a small change?

When we want to start a movement on purpose, our age, skill, education, social status, or resources pale in comparison to our desire.

Most people feel a purpose they are called to address.

Are you on purpose and what are you doing about it?

This Fall I am launching Group Training specifically designed to help people put the pieces together to live their purpose and create change. 


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