My tip when you feel a misaligned emotion, instead of ignoring it or wondering how the f… you could even feel that way, is to just allow it. To Have compassion. To Chat with this familiar stranger and let him go when you are ready

But when you tell people “ do not suppress your emotions or ignore them” , most of them reply this 
“I am so afraid it will not go away though. If I allow myself to feel it”

The problem is that If you ignore them, it keeps building up in you and ego grows stronger. Every day we ignore an emotion, we just make it stronger and it will just show up in our life as fate ( a situation, a person or a disease who will just come into our life to remind us that we need to heal). E-motions are energy in motion. You don’t destroy them, you transmute them or send them away with love. That’s the law of physics. Shadow work is key because it changes your shadow into a holy shadow. A shadow can only be seen when there is light. They go together.

It’s important not to suppress emotions. “What you resist persists”. The suppressed emotion will grow in some form or another until you have no choice but to deal with it, because the lesson wasn’t learned.

Don’t let “the need to be good” rob the illuminated truth from you.

Remember that fear is fear and the “fear of being evil” is a fear too and equates to a “need to be good at any cost, even if that cost is the truth. “

A world of truth that hurts for a while is better than a world a lie that’s last a lifetime.

Happy woman’s day! And to a World where we do not teach our kids to not feel … or to not cry 
Boys or girls…


  • N'Dèye Fana Gueye

    Mindset & Personal Mastery Coach, Healer and Facilitator

    N'dèye Fana is on a mission to help people, especially women, get out of their own way and show up. She is a multi-hyphenated potential,  she's all about reconnecting women to their inner Queen and it starts by knowing who they are and what they want.  She does that through a blueprint called   Inner Dialogue® and “ The W.A.Y Coaching ™”. W.A.Y. stands for “Who Are You?“. Once you answer that question, you figure out where you stand, why you are there, where you want to go, and how to get there. N'dèye Fana  is also the author of the forthcoming books " Dare Your Way " and  ''Rainbow Eve, “a children’s book series teaching self-love and social & emotional literacy. Before becoming a spiritual teacher and transformational coach, she had a prolific marketing career in leading companies of The Fortune Global 500, and she has worked both client and agency side. She still does marketing and strategy consultancy.