My mother uses to tell me Ayuel, every single time. Please my son, don’t wash your time on things are not matters. Things that don’t let you grow and help you into something new.

The whole world will judge you and treat you like poor when you focus on them. They will treat you like they really want you, but at least they don’t want to be near you and they want something from you. My son, be a wise man and enjoys your life with people you love, people who are behind you and guide you forever. Not people who talk behind you, when you are not around.

My son, be smart, I want you to know. Who You Are and What You want in your Dreams. all I ask from God is to bless you and protect you from evils. Don’t be like lazy people who don’t help others. I know you well, keep your thoughts high and help others in need. Even though they don’t treat you badly, just help and because of God’s love.

I don’t want you to be against anyone as we are all humans, sometimes people make mistakes. when they are not ready for it. Enjoy your life and work hard towards yourself. May God bless you and I am so blessed with you. My beloved Families.

I am so proud of you Mother, every year and you’re blessed with us. I wish to work hard because of you and your encouragement. Blessed from mother. I respect every mother out there and those who help their children, guide them, and show them the real way of life. Mother is a gift from God.