Lake Tahoe morning

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

I woke up this morning with hundreds of things to do in my head. As an entrepreneur I have big dreams. And with big dreams come hundreds of projects, new commitments and daily to do lists.
I felt a slight panic attack. “What’s wrong?” – asked Phil, my husband and copartner in Unhustle™. “I have too much to do” – I responded. “You need to Unhustle” – he said in his calm voice, grabbed his coffee and walked away.

People always ask me do I hustle to grow Unhustle™. And my response is that I don’t. I don’t allow myself to go there. I can’t. It’s one thing I won’t do. I promised myself.

I walked outside with my dog, Taz and breathed in the fresh mountain air in Lake Tahoe. We had a lot of rain last night and the air was crisp and piney.

I came back to the house and made my energizing, high performing morning drink. I walked outside again, walked down by the lake and started moving my body. A little bit of QiGong and gentle yoga to wake up and get my energy going. The morning sun and the movement warmed me up and felt good. I felt energy and calmness at the same time. I finished off my session with jumping and body shaking to get the stress out. I felt energy running through my body like electricity.

I did a 10 min relaxing mediation with the help of Light Watkins‘s voice. Immediately after I went into my deep breaths based on the Wim Hof Method. I felt calm and clear. The lake looked inviting. Cold, but inviting. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. The lake temperature is about 54F and this is cold unless you are into cold therapy as I have been lately. Instead of a cold shower, I can go for a dip outside. I grabbed my towel and went for it. That woke me for sure. Now I was calm, clear head, focused and energized. I returned to the house where I can focus on the three most important tasks for the day to move my business forward.

I had gone through the Unhustle Morning practices. Stress and anxiety disappeared. Instead I felt at peace, yet focused and committed to seize the day and be productive.

The next time you feel stressed out with too much to do, walk away from it all. Go from doing to just being. The clarity and focus you gain will guide you in the right direction. It works for me every time.

This post first appeared on My hair is still wet from my swim as I’m posting this. And it feels good.