By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

I view job hunting as an exciting experience full of opportunity. This is not the common viewpoint, but if you are on the job hunt it should become yours.

As a business and career coach, I have worked with many clients who view seeking a job and the interview process as a negative, stressful experience filled with being let down.

You are applying for many different jobs and it is a fact that rejection will be part of this game. Look at this rejection as a chance to learn and grow. It is all about perspective!

There are so many famous stories of successful people that prove rejection can become an opportunity. Stephen King’s breakthrough novel Carrie was rejected 30 times before being published. Marilyn Monroe was told by modeling agency’s to consider becoming a Secretary. Could you imagine if they had let this rejection stop their pursuit? What set them apart was their perseverance and belief to keep going.  

So, how do you gain this new perspective? Use these reminders to catch yourself when optimism is running low.

Negativity Is Comfortable.

It is all too easy to stay in the habit of negative thought. You may be walking into a situation with the assumption you will fail and are becoming comfortable living in failure. Don’t let this happen!

The next time you receive rejection, use introspection as a method to practice positive thinking. Take some time to write out or reflect on all the things you learned from this interview process and experience. Reflect on why you might not have gotten the job, what you could do differently next time and whether this was really the best fit for you.  

Rejection Can Be A Blessing In Disguise.

You find a job listing that perfectly fits your previous experience, or the goals of the company are completely aligned with your personal mission. That is awesome, but it doesn’t necessarily mean this is the perfect job for you.

When you get the rejection from this role, choose to view it as a blessing and be thankful for the opportunity to have even applied!  

Your Negative Thoughts Hurt You.

Your negative thoughts affect more than just your outlook on the job market. It affects your long term health. People with positive “glass-half-full” outlooks are twice as likely to have good cardiovascular health.

Negative thought patterns affect your long term mental and physical health. These negative thoughts trigger a portion of the brain, your amygdala, that sends an alarm to activate the famous “fight-or-flight” response. In this heightened state, your body’s self-repair mechanisms don’t function correctly and lead to the onset of illness.

So the next time you start to think negatively or stress about your upcoming interview, honor yourself and take time to practice self-talk or learn some mindfulness practices.

Your Outlook Is A Resume In Itself.

Although job history, education and experience are vital to be hired, it is not the only thing that matters.

Employers are looking at your cultural fit, soft skills and yes, your attitude. Thirty-one percent of employers have declared that soft skills are as much, if not more, important than someone’s technical background. They are looking for achievers, communicators and driven people.

The next time you walk into an interview and think you are not qualified based on what is written on your resume do this: Channel your positivity, motivation and leadership qualities to get your recruiter excited about you.

Being on the job search is no joke. The next time you feel negative thoughts creeping in consider this quote by Marilyn Monroe, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Stay positive and you will find the right job!

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